Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finally...boys' room reveal!!

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This Labor Day we were pretty busy and finally finished the boys' room! So this post will be heavily filled with pictures :) I want to say in advance that it's not exactly a cheap remodel but we made/bought things over the past 18 months and we did get some great deals. I'll tell you how. But here's the room reveal:

   This room is only 12x12 (including the closet space), and we realized that if we bought two separate beds, we could only fit a night stand in between and nothing else. So we knew our first purchase would be a bunk bed. We looked at a bunch in the neighborhood furniture stores but I didn't like anything. To be honest, I was secretly drooling over something like that. As you can see it was way over our budget :( And then last summer I saw our bed on KSL (similar to Craiglist but mostly local) in perfect condition for only $400. So we jumped on this deal:

   It includes 2 twin beds, storage drawers, more storage inside and a desk!!! It's awesome:

   Forgive the mess on the desk- we are slowly getting ready for the Kid's Birthday party on Saturday :) And I love how little space all of it takes. It's definitely worth $400.

   I bought two wooden letters (my boys' first letters of their names) on clearance at Michaels for only 99 cents, sanded them and painted them green and orange:

    Overall, the main color of this room is blue with some green and a little orange as accent colors. Next I wanted to add a sitting area with storage for books. We are all bookworms here, so it's not surprising that our kids have so many books. I thought a window seat with some shelving would be a great idea ( I knew the gutter bookshelves just wouldn't cut it for us:) :

   We got the shelves from IKEA. We wanted a bench to have extra storage space too (you can never have to much storage, right :) so we actually got an unfinished top kitchen cabinet from Lowes that we painted white. And I upholstered a seat with some thrift store fabric:

   I added little buckets from a $ area in Target for crayons and other miscellaneous stuff:

   I also bought a little IKEA lamp and attached it to the shelf so the boys can have some light when they read. The lamp was actually silver but I painted it orange to match the rest of the decor:

   I got a few more decorative pieces from 75% bin in Michaels:

   On the other side of the room we added some shelves for toys. These were from Target (on sale):

   This room has two closets, and neither of them had doors when we bought this house. We decided to use one for clothes. To save some space( and money) we bought these cute curtains from IKEA (I do love IKEA, you know!) :

   In between two closets I added a line of pictures of my boys (in IKEA frames :) It might just be my favorite feature of the room:

   These frames were only $2.99 for a pack of 2, and I'm just loving loving loving it!!

   The other closet we left opened. We added a little dresser that we bought on clearance from Kmart, and I painted the knobs green:

    We made a chalk board by painting right on the wall with chalk paint and framing it( we actually painted it a while ago and it's been used heavily by the kids. We just added a frame last week):


   We also added a skinny shelf for art work display:

   Here's the picture of the whole closet:

   And to finish up the room we got the boys a new table and chairs from...yep, you guessed it right- IKEA:

   So here's the whole tour of their new room :) The boys really like it here, and to be honest, their Mommy likes it even more :) Can you see me giggling right now through the screen?...

   I still need to tackle one more wall in this room - the one behind the desk- as soon as we can find a fun and less bulky chair that we can afford:

   But stay tuned because I already have a project in mind for this wall :)

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  1. Oh Lena!! It's just perfect!! :) The boys must be soo thrilled!! Want to come & do my girls rooms now?! ;)

  2. Oh wow! That looks fantastic. That room looks terrific, and you should be very proud! So many original ideas put together, I think it looks great. Love the wall chalkboard especially.

  3. Looks great!! Love the color combo!! :)

  4. I just adore this room. Your boys must love it! I especially like the photo area as well. You can tell there is a lot of TLC put into this room. Good work! I love IKEA too and finding good deals :)

  5. Lena, have I said how talented & creative I think you to be? I did hear you "giggling" all the way from up here in Canada ! I LOVE it as all four of you do ! Loved all your photos ... great share, thank you.

  6. Yikes Lena, you are so creative it's scary!! I love the beds/desk/shelves, it's perfect. And you're an IKEA fan too ..... love that place. I bet your boys LOVE their room.

  7. All I can say is WOW! I think you'll have to come help if/when after we move.

  8. Lena, you did an awesome job on the boys' room! I LOVE it!!! I would be hard-pressed to pick one feature I like best as it is all GREAT!!! Good Job to you and your hubby!

  9. What a fun happy place for your boys!!! Congrats for such a wonderful makeover

  10. Oh I love it! It's so fun and I love all of the storage.

  11. I love the room it looks like something out of a magazine!!!

  12. It looks great!!!!!! (I too love ikea!haha)

  13. Thank you, everyone! It's hard to work with a smaller room but we tried to use all this space wisely and I love the results!

  14. I love it! Our bedrooms are small too and I was needing some ideas to use the space wisely. This is great! I'm glad I found you through ginger snap crafts.

    Julie @

  15. It looks so great Lena - the boys must really love it!

  16. It looks great! You did a fantastic job.

  17. I. LOVE. IT! You did an awesome job - I love green and blue together too! So organized and I'm with you on never having TOO much storage! The more the better!

  18. Hello Lena - nice job with your kids room, it looks great! I love the colours you've done it in too and it looks fun! I'v got this linked to my children's room DIY post as well today, for cool kids room makeovers!


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