Monday, September 24, 2012

Food waste Monday and a menu, week 9/24-9/30

Pin It    I cannot believe that it's the last week of the month! Where did September go?? I looked at our garden this morning and noticed how wilted and yellow some of the plants are. Everything already stopped growing and I think it's time for me to pick up all of the last green tomatoes. Today was a pretty chilly and windy day too. It's beginning to feel like fall...Can you believe there's only 3 months left until Christmas?

   I'm trying to finish a few projects around the house while the weather permits. But my list is still a mile long, so I decided to use as much time as possible this week to mark off a few things on this list. I really want to finish our master bedroom and a couple more painting projects. Granted, I already have all of the supplies so no extra spending there. So our menu will be pretty simple this week.

   But first, to the food waste. I found a bag with a couple spoons of chicken that got shoved to the back of the fridge. And we also threw away a bunch of spinach. I don't know why we didn't eat it :( I was thinking of making a soup over the weekend but never got to it. And now it's just too gross to be used (it's worse than it looks in the picture, it's rotten and smells so bad):

   Ahh, too bad, I love spinach :( I really need to clean the soon as I'm done with our master bedroom.

   And this week we are eating:

Mon.- homemade mac and cheese, steamed broccoli
Tues.- make-your-own-pizza day
Wed.- sausage and potato casserole, salad
Thurs.- meat and meatless hamburgers(leftovers from the freezer), corn on the cob
Fr.- curry pork, brown rice, naan
Sat.- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies
Sun.- lemon shrimp linguine

What's on your menu this week? Please, do share.

PS- I'm sharing this post with Simply Being Mom .She's amazing and has the most organized fridge I've ever seen :)

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  1. I had to throw out some deli meat and half a pound of bacon, what a flipping waste.

    We had cauliflower and broccoli quiche and fries for supper last night. Don't have anything planned yet for tonight. Your menu looks good,



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