Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pay it forward or the saga of the Hershey's Chocolate cake roll...

Pin It    Last Friday on the way from school after I dropped off my 6-year old for his classes, I met a friend. We were never very close. We go to the same Church and our kids go to school together but we never talked much, just a few phrases here and there. But on this day she felt that she needed to talk to me. She asked me how my week was, and you all know how "fun" (read: terrible) last week was for our family. So I told her a little bit about it. Then I went to do some grocery shopping. Hubby was home sick that day, and when I came back home he told me with excitement: " Vxxxx brought us dinner!" My friend (and yes, I consider her a true friend right now!) brought us a lasagna, a salad, a bottle of juice and one of the most delicious cake rolls I've ever had - Hershey's Chocolate Mousse Cake Roll:

   It was so good! I've never had it before because it is kind of pricey for us, and I missed out on so much...But what really brought tears to my eyes is her selfless love and desire to help us when we needed somebody's support so much.

   This weekend I found out that my other friend and her husband separated a couple of weeks ago. He left the family- his wife and two little children. We live in the same neighborhood, and yesterday on the way from school after picking up the Kid I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling that I needed to stop by her place. Right now! Not in the evening, not some time later this week but at that exact moment.

   So I listened and went to her house. When she opened the door, she didn't look good. She looked like she was crying a lot. When I asked if there was anything I could do, she just thanked me for stopping by. Then she mentioned that her youngest was sick. And that's when I had the idea...I asked if I could bring her dinner...And she agreed.

   Later that day I brought her homemade mac and cheese (one of the few things her older one would eat), some steamed broccoli, a salad, a bottle of juice. And then I decided to buy her...yep, you guessed it, a Hershey's Chocolate Mousse Cake Roll. Because I liked it so much and because I wanted to pay it forward. I wanted her to enjoy something that will make her day at least a tiny bit better.

   When I went to take food to her, she started crying. She told me that this was the worst day. She felt like nobody cared...And then I stopped by...

   I'm so grateful that I listened to this impression in my heart. I feel so humbled right now! God's ways are truly not our ways. He often does His work through us. I'm glad that I could pay it forward and share the kindness I myself received too...And some Hershey's chocolate cake roll...



  1. What a lovely act of kindness to be bestowed on you and to be able to be able to do the same for someone else. It's not something I have ever thought of but will do so in the future.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Oh Lena, how sweet of you to pass your sweet kindness "forward". Such a fantastic feeling, is it not?

  3. What a wonderful act of kindness on your new friends part!! I so agree that if we let go and let God wonderful things can happen in our lives and others. What a blessing you were to your friend

  4. What a beautiful story. I am taking a basket to a friend that just had an operation and I'm going to look for a Hershey cake to take her. I've never seen one. I hope I can find it.

  5. what wonderful stories and yes God does work in mysterious ways, by nudging us........

    Good for you,


  6. you made me tear up. Amazing how a small gesture of friendship means so much.

  7. If you want to give the credit to God because you have good intuition and a loving heart, so be it.
    I wrote a post yesterday about "A Wonderful Man" and this exemplifies what I was talking about.

    I'm so sorry you've had a death in your family Lena.
    But maybe the Universe, God, whatever you believe in, is working it's magic of goodwill toward men in your heart, since your heart is "raw" and open to others right now.
    Geez, I don't know how this is sounding, but it's all about being an instrument of good and change in the world and how what you did/do maybe a little thing in your eyes but combined with the little good things people do every day, it makes us all better as a species. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing this....it's something evidently I needed to hear right now.

  8. Beautiful! :) God always know when we should receive, and when we should give! Loved reading this!!

  9. Oh, you're so sweet. I had planned to take dinners to two people last week, but my kids were sick, so I couldn't. Maybe next week.

  10. It is so nice to read about people being true friends, and bringing each other meals. That cake looks yummy!

    I am a new follower from the blog hop.

  11. Thanks for sharing this! God is so good.:)

    This morning during devotion I had a thought of going to Daylight doughnuts and, inviting a friend. (my treat) I decided it was an odd
    thought and, rebuked myself for being side tracked during my devotion.
    (I have been to Daylight doughnut once in 10 years)
    I went back to reading my Bible and, the thought came again. I argued
    with myself that I had plenty of work to do and, certainly didn't need
    a doughnut!
    I went back to my devotions, this time asking the Lord to keep my mind
    focused on His word. This worked well, I had a great time in the
    Word and, prayer. Then Boom! Right after,.... I saw myself pick up the phone and, call my friend. I invited her to Daylight Doughnuts my treat.
    I did this almost as a reflex without thought.
    She agreed to go and, I could here joy in her voice.
    This friend and, I have never been out together before. We aren't
    long time close friends.

    While sharing a cinnamon roll and, coffee I reminded myself that God
    had me hear for a reason. I was very conscious to be a good listener.
    She talked. The more she talked the more she relaxed. Finally about
    2 hours into the visit she shares through tears that she had prayed
    to God for a close friend that she could trust to share her heart.
    (She had suffered the loss of someone close this month too)

    We were both moved. God had blessed us both!

    I love your story too! :)

    Where can I get the Hershey's Cake???

  12. I found your blog through the pink hippo party. Thanks for sharing this story! I understand how it is when money is tight, but it's amazing how rich having friends and doing service can make us feel!


  13. What a great story! Love paying it forward!!! Thanks for stopping by earlier... am now you latest follower :)

  14. Beautiful!! I'm sure our Heavenly Father was saying "A job well done, my child Lena!" And smiling upon you all! I, too, believe that there is not better feeling than doing something for someone else in their time of need. No better use of our time than to try to uplift those who are down. That is our true purpose here on this earth, that is His will being done by us! Love your "pay-it-forward" dinner, and bless your "new" friend who brought you dinner, too! :-) Love love love this kind of story!

  15. Lena, your story brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful story, both the receiving and the giving. Listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit is never wrong:) Hmmm...need to find me one of those Hershey's Chocolate Mousse Cake Rolls!

  16. It is important to listen to the promptings of the spirit and when we serve each other selflessly we truly embody what the savior wants. Good for you and good for your friend.

  17. You have a kind heart, Lena! It is a wonderful thing to share food with others. It is a humbling and heart-warming to be on either the giving or receiving end! This is a great post.


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