Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Inspire Me Sundays...Lots of pictures today!

Pin It    It was such a beautiful day!! The temperature was in low 80s. It was nice and sunny. So after Church (which was amazing!) we decided to take advantage of the last few warm days and drive up to the Canyons. It was absolutely breathtaking there. Less talking, more showing :)

   After a tiresome week this beauty made me feel so much more uplifted. It reminded me of a quote by C.S.Lewis ( I really do love him! Lots of his thoughts appeal to me. I couldn't say it better):

   “Nature never taught me that there exists a God of glory and of infinite majesty. I had to learn that in other ways. But nature gave the word glory a meaning for me. I still do not know where else I could have found one.”

So true! 

   We spent an hour or so there (until the little guy got all grumpy):

Me and the Kid (don't mind the blurry picture - Hubs took it one-handed):

My handsome Man and cranky guy:

And to wrap it up - a family picture taken by a tourist:

   LOVE the Kid's face :) And the Little One is flirting as usual :)

And now I'm all relaxed and ready for bed. Next week will be just as busy as this one...

And how was your Sunday?


  1. Beautiful autumn colours and a beautiful family photo that needs to be framed and showed off.

  2. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family


  3. Not so grumpy in the Family Picture ... lovely all natural Family photo in among all the beauty nature has to offer. Love all the Fall colours, wish they would stay with us ... but we do need change at times.

  4. Beautiful pictures, but I like the family portrait the best.

  5. Lena you have such a beautiful family! The scenery was beautiful too. Glad you had a relaxing day! :)

  6. What a great way to spend a Sunday. Your family phoot is toooo cute!!!! You best be enlarging it and getting it in a frame to share with anyone who stops by your home.

  7. We went to the canyons last night too. But I had taken some Benadryl for some crazy itching I'm having and ended up sleeping through it all.

  8. What a beautiful day and family! Love your photos!

  9. Wow! What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family! I adore the faces the boys are making, perfect little boys!

  10. Love the pictures, Lena! Especially of you and the family:)


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