Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September update on my yearly goals.

Pin It    I apologize for being MIA in the last few days. Everything is alright! Mostly, I was just trying to take advantage of the last days of warm weather and finish a few painting projects here. But I also have a few thoughts about the future of this blog and what I want from it. I want to have a real post about it but I still need to get my thoughts together.

   So today I better update on my yearly goals :)

1.Blog at least 15 times every month. Done! I blogged 22 times.

2. Have a "money meeting" at least once a month with my husband. Yep!! I just love how Hubby is so full of initiative :) He really wants to do it himself, and I love it!!

3. Save enough to pay for Christmas with cash. Done back in July. And I'm actively working on some gifts. I spent about $150 so far. I need a separate post for it too :)

4. Save as much as we can for a minivan. We don't really have a certain sum in mind just yet. We can't really save anything with my DH's salary. We really live from paycheck to paycheck right now, so all the money we can save will come from me babysitting, and that can really vary. Done back in summer, and we love our minivan : )

5. De-clutter 366 things this year.I didn't do much this month. We gave away and sold a few things. But I"m still right on track. We "de-cluttered" 16 things in September which brings us to 304.

6.Keep track of our food waste. We did. Unfortunately, we wasted more food than I wanted :( Hopefully we could do better in October.

7.Start putting again some money into retirement. You wouldn't believe it but we failed it :( I told you last month that we started doing it. Well, apparently, there was some sort of a glitch in a system and they still don't take money out of our paycheck. UGH!!! I'm so tired of it!! It was my New Year goal and it's already October...And nothing!!! What makes me really mad is that it's only one goal that I myself can't do anything about!!

8.Have 1 date night every month with my husband. Well, this one we failed too :( It was a really hard month, and we just didn't have time for dating. But we tried to spend more time with our family. And that's what's important at the moment!!

9.Lose 12 pounds in 2012. Nah, don't even ask :(...

10.Read 12 books this year. I only read one book in September but I already tripled this goal anyway.

11.Write in my journal at least once a week. Nah... Only 3 times. But it's OK. It's one more time than last month  :)

12.Create mini-goals every month.  I did great in September but still need to think of my October goals. So far my goals are to finish our master bedroom, to deep-clean the whole house before my parents come and to organize all the documents and papers. I think this might be it for October! 

Do you work on any personal goals this month? 


  1. You've done so well & there's still time left in 2012! I'm not sure about my October goals... I'm thinking about it. Hubby & I need to get a date night in soon too!

  2. I need to work on my October goals, you did well on your September goals.


  3. Looks like you did good! I have a lot of things that I need to do this month. ARG!

  4. Hi there
    you are so well organised!!!!
    My goal at present is to be able to sit down for a little while with my crochet and relax. I fight all through the day to squeeze in time to do this. Managed to do so this evening! Hurrah!

    I had to chuckle at your comment on your weight reduction!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Wonderful job on your goals. I too am going to be a cleaning fool in October

  6. Good luck with your retirement savings goal next month. It must be so frustrating for you that you can't make it happen the way you want.

  7. Keep going you're so on you're way! I admire how disciplined you are! You're very steady with your goals I wish I had a little bit of that in me.


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