Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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           I cut pumpkins all by myself for the first time ever!! I'm kind of proud of the results:)

   I hope everyone had a great day today! I'll be back with a more interesting post tomorrow. But today I'm cuddling with a feverish (and very sugar-loaded) sweet little boy... I think the flu season is officially open in our house :(


  1. Those are very impressive first-time pumpkins. Hope you son is better soon.

  2. Hope he feels better soon! And comes down from the sugar high, we have some of those in this house still today!

    Adorable pumpkins! Great work!


  3. The pumpkins look great! Hope your little guy feels better soon! :)

  4. This was a very interesting post ! Hope the little guy feels better soon...dang weather changes ! xx


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