Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some updates and yearly goals updates too.

Pin It    I can't believe we only have two months left until the end of the year!! The time flies..that's how we get older without even noticing it...

   Can't you say I function on only 3 hours of sleep? :) Hence the mood :) The baby is pretty miserable today. We went to the doctor this morning and, yes, he has a flu and an ear infection :( His fever finally broke tonight, so hopefully he will start feeling better soon. We had to move our " Christmas dinner" with my parents to Sunday and cancel some plans. It's hard because they will go home next Thursday already, and we barely saw them. Please, keep our Baby boy in your prayers that he feels better and can enjoy some time with his Babushka and Dedushka!

   And because it's the beginning of the month, it's time to update on my yearly goals. It's crazy to imagine that it's almost time to start thinking of the new ones for 2013!!

   Anyway, here it goes:
1. Blog at least 15 times every month.  Well, that's easy!  Even with my little break I blogged 20 times last month. I love blogging :)

2. Have a "money meeting" at least once a month with my husband.
Done! He's getting better and better every week too :)

3. Save enough to pay for Christmas with cash.
Oh yes, now I'm just spending it :)

4. Save as much as we can for a minivan.
You are probably tired already of this goal :) Achieved like forever ago.

5. De-clutter 366 things this year.
I'm getting so close! I'll update more on it on Saturday but as of today we got rid off 353 things. I'm so close!

6. Keep track of our food waste.
I did OK. I only skipped one week of not going through my fridge but nothing was going obviously bad that week anyway.

7. Start putting again some money for retirement.
Yes, yes!! My husband finally (I mean, FINALLY!!! 10 months later!!) figured it out. We will put $60 every month into 401K. I know, it's a funny number but it's better than we did before, and we hope to be able to increase it soon.

8. Have 1 date night every month with my husband.
Fail :( We are pathetic! But we had a lot going on in our immediate family, and babysitting was nearly impossible. But we already planned our November date as it's our Anniversary month :)

9. Lose 12 lbs in 2012. Nope :( I exercised a little bit here and there but not nearly enough. I didn't lose anything but didn't gain anything either, so it's a plus. I really just need to commit...Or, and kick my lazy behind!

10. Read 12 books this year.
I think I already quadrupled this goal.:) Maybe, even more.

11. Write in my journal at least once a week.
Nah, I only wrote once.

12. Create mini-goals every month through out the year.
Well, I only had two goals in October -to finish our master bedroom and to clean the house before my parents came. I reached both! :) I really need to take pictures and share with you everything we did in our bedroom. It's quite a dramatic change!
   So these are my goals. I'll share my November goals on Saturday (because I want to share a little finished project with you tomorrow. Stay tuned!) 
Have you already started thinking of your next year goals yet? How about just this month's goals? 


  1. Congrats on achieving so many goals in Oct.
    Would love to see your dramatic bedroom changes too.

    I can't even THINK about next year's goals yet...geesh!lol
    Let me just make it through this year in one piece. ;-)

  2. Looks liek you're doing great! And wow, great with the decluttering! I need to do that badly.

  3. Gosh you're right! I know it's November already but we are almost in 2013. Well done on your goals .... you've done well. Improving, making progress and learning what works for you as you go along ~ can't ask for more than that :) When family visits, or when we visit family, it seems that the time flies by and the visit is never long enough. This is why I've pledged not to let too much time lapse between visits any more.

  4. You have done really well with your goals.
    At the moment I have one goal for next year and I've taken inspiration from yourself. That is to declutter 1 thing everyday or 365 things over the year. Must set some more though.

  5. I haven't been thinking about next years goals either. Trying to focus on goals to get through the holidays.

    I know that your son will be better soon. Enjoy your parents.

  6. Lena, you are amazing! Good job on your goals! Mine this year were pathetic:( Fortunately a new year is coming up to start over! I will be praying for your little boy.

  7. You've done soo well, Lena!!! :) Way to go! Prayers for your little one! ((hugs))

  8. Sorry to hear about the sick 'baby' though I don't think of him as a baby anymore. Just to let you know, the kids do outgrow the never ending ear infections. Our doctor visits have significantly decreased as the kids have gotten older. Something to look forward to . . .


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