Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is Black Friday really worth it?

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   The day after Thanksgiving is known in America as Black Friday. It's the biggest shopping day of the year. Today I received a Black Friday ad from Walmart in an e-mail. There are a bunch of good deals and sales in this ad but the first thing that stood out to me was the time: this year Walmart kicks off their sales at 8pm!!

   When I just came to the country, my SIL told me about "the biggest sale of the year". That November was my first experience of sorts. I don't even remember what I bought ( I'm almost positive there was a pair of fuzzy socks on that list...) but I do remember feeling overwhelmed by crowds, noises and things flying in the air. I've never seen any signs of physical violence but I did see people fighting over $5 DVDs (Really?...)

   That time most of the stores opened at around 5 am. And I think it was OK. Since then I've tried to chase some Black Friday deals. I understand the temptations of Black Friday. Some of the deals are hard to beat. So many things on people's Santa's lists go on sale. Last year Hubby and I tried to get a trampoline for our kids that was about $100 less then their usual price (it's on sale again this year in case you are interested). We didn't get it but the price was too good to not even try.

   But is it really worth it?

   There are a few things that really make me wonder. This year, I think, it's mostly about timing. Our family starts Thanksgiving dinner at around 4-5 pm. We eat all the delicious classic food of the day but even more we all enjoy good conversation together. My husband has a very friendly family, and we can hang out for hours. But with all the sales starting earlier and earlier every year, it almost feels like the family time will soon be replaced by consumerism. I'm scared to think how early Wally will open it's doors next year - noon?? Even more, I feel sorry for all the workers that are forced to work so early instead of staying at home with their loved ones.

   Second is overspending. Some people are really good with their money. I like to think of myself as one of them too, but quite a few times I've bought things because they were on sale and not because we really needed them. It's easy to get under the influence of others, especially with the feeling of urge that retailers are trying to convey on us.

  Another thing that we need to keep in mind that very often retailers put things on sale that they can't sell otherwise. Among all the nice deals there tons of things that only seem to be a steal but in reality a lower quality product. You really need to be careful with what you spend your hard earned money on.

   The combination of deals and adrenaline boost can be really contagious but over the years I wonder more and more if it's worth it and where my priorities really are. What do you think? Do you do Black Friday? Why yes or why no?



  1. I too am amazed and disappointed with the earlier and earlier opening times. I have sometimes gone shopping on Black Friday, but I usually go in the afternoon after the deals that everyone fights over are gone. However, I am still able to get some good prices on things I want. (One year I got a decent size crock pot for $6.00). I always go with something in mind so impulse shopping doesn't take over.

    1. That's what I do too - I usually go on Friday (mostly for jammies for the kiddos. But I doubt I will ever stand in a crazy line for a TV or something like that!

  2. I think Walmart said they're starting on Thursday @ 8pm. I don't agree they should be open on Thanksgiving day at all... kind of takes away from the event.
    I did Black Friday once, but it was more of a quality time experience with my dad. We were up really early and got in line in the freezing temperatures, but we laughed and joked for a few hours. We walked away with only a GPS unit that was very cheap. Havent done it since, but we had fun. We werent particularly focused on the deals or the buying, just the time together.

    1. Yes, they do!! And it bugs me so much! I guess it could be a fun experience if you do it with a family member (it was fun my first time with my SIL but was still overwhelming). I never camped outside though.

  3. No, I have never been shopping on Black Friday.
    We are not rich. I love getting good deals.
    But to me, my heart, health and, sanity are
    more important than the hope of a good deal.

    Now on-line they are offering Black Friday deals.
    Last year my husband did shop on-line and, he
    enjoyed himself immensely. He would call out
    to me often to come see the item on his screen.

    I must say, I had more fun just seeing him enjoy himself. :)

    1. I know you can get some good deals online too. I think it depends on what you are looking for. We tried to get a trampoline online last year too but after 5 hours of trying, they were all sold out. I was really frustrated! I absolutely agree that health and sanity is a lot more important!

  4. We've never shopped Black Friday.

  5. I will be avoiding it. I had to read your post when I saw the link on "When I get where I'm going" because I am a black Friday drop out. Against everything is symbolizes and have to interst in adding to the hype!

    1. Glad you stopped by :) And thanks for sharing your opinion!

  6. My DH, daughters and myself go out every year on good friday but within reason:
    -we do not leave the house til 4
    -we go to the mall where we can get what we need at a good price
    -we do not go near walmart, target, toys r us or bestbuy
    -we are usually done by 8:30 and stop for breakfast on the way home.

    Now truthfully we take dh along for safety sake. We have a budget and know what we are getting the day before and we are back home in bed by 10:00

    As for Thansgiving there is no way in hell I am going anywhere on thanksgiving

  7. I do not think I could handle all those shoulder to shoulder crowds personally.

    Please drop on in to see Paula's Secret Sister Gift here:


  8. I did Black Fiday once several years ago and it was fun to experience it once but have no plans to try it again! We live 1 1/2 hours from the nearest shopping area; 2 hours from the nearest mall. The year we tried it, we were on the road by 3:00 am! I'm getting too old for that!

  9. We don't shop a lot for Christmas so the deals don't usually excite me. If I do shop on Black Friday, it will be later in the day. No crazy lines or crowds for me.

  10. In Canada we have no "Black Friday"... Our equivalent would be "boxing Day" sales on the day after Christmas. I don't do Boxing Day sales. I hate shopping on the best of days, so add hour long line ups, screaming kids, pushy adults, and I'm quite happy to stay at home and "miss out" on all the sales. lol!

  11. My husband works at WM and I didn't even realize they were starting their black friday sales at 8pm... That means that's when he'll be going in. Big bummer. Family time and tradition is well on it's way to being forgotten I'm afraid.

  12. I really don't enjoy shopping on Black Friday. Now it is turning out to be on Thanksgiving night. I would rather people get to spend time with their families and enjoy what they work so hard for, precious time with their families. I think it is wrong for stores to be open on a holiday unless it is an absolute necessity.


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