Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I've been featured! And the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge.

Pin It    I was really excited when Kristi contacted me yesterday and let me know that our little "command center" project was featured on her blog. It is my first feature ever. Thank you so much, Kristi!!

   I thought today that I haven't updated on the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge for a while (click on the link for details on the challenge if you don't know what I'm talking about)

  I've been marking how many things we got out of our house so far but unfortunately I can't remember what went where. Some stuff was thrown away, others were recycled or donated, or just given away. But we are at 41 items right now (and I still have all the empty spray paint bottles in our garage :) But this challenge inspired me to start working on a little different challenge too:


  I thought that it's really a time to organize our house. Mostly, I was inspired by our very messy pantry. And by very messy I mean almost too embarrassed to post a picture messy. But if I don't you will not know how desperate I am, right? So here it is (please, don't judge...):


    I know it's bad, it really needs some help! I'm a relatively clean person but you don't want to look into some of our closets. And that's why I want to do some major organizing. And it's not just our pantry but other places in the house too. I decided that every month I will post about an area/areas I'll be working on in the next 30 days. In the month of November it will be  our kitchen. I want to add some extra storage (like containers etc.) too but I will try to keep all the expenses to a minimum.

   Do you have an area in your house that really needs some organizing (please, tell me I'm not the only one! Pretty please...)?


  1. You are not the only one.
    My whole house needs organising but I need to declutter first. That is my challenge for next year.


    1. And as the Fly Lady says, "You can't organize clutter." Things will be much easier to organize when you've gotten away the clutter. A constant struggle for me.

  2. There is always a challenge to find within our homes, Lena, you are never alone in this. xx My Bathroom closet is getting closer to be done (again)

  3. It doesn't take but a skinny minute for the pantry to be turned up side down!! Mine will look just like yours after the holiday's I am sure. I need to clean out our desk and files, what a mess

  4. You are not the only one -- paper overwhelms me these days, plus I still have boxes packed from my last move into this apartment (July 2011).


  5. Congrats on the feature, Lena!! :) You did an awesome job with that!!

    Trust me my friend, you are NOT the only one... lol! My pantry looks about the same... ;)

  6. Of course you are not the only one! Can't wait to see the after picture. I have some cardboard boxes in my laundry room, I use them to store extra shampoo, TP, etc. I bought a roll of wallpaper for $1 -which SOMEDAY will cover those boxes!

  7. That's the great thing about moving. Everything gets organized. Luckily I like to organize things.


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