Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where have I been??

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I have been MIA in the last few days...It was a busy few days. First, my parents went back home on Friday:


They were actually supposed to fly back on Thursday but their flight was through NY and it got cancelled because of the storm. So we got an extra day and a half to enjoy our time together. It's always so hard to let them go because I never know when we will see each other again.

After we put them on the plane (they flew threw LAX this time), we went to spend some time for our Anniversary. Our Anniversary is actually next weekend but Hubby has a business trip and will be out of town, so we had to switch it to this week.

 We planned on staying in Park City, UT but got hit by a beautiful but crazy storm:


Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? But with a 3-day storm we were too concerned about driving through the Canyons so we had to settle for downtown. We had a $100 gift card for a Marriott hotel that was supposed to cover most of our stay in Park City but with downtown we had to pay extra $30 for our stay plus another $12 (!!!) for parking.

We started our night by going to our favorite Indian restaurant "Star of India":


They have THE BEST butter chicken and chutneys. And their freshly baked naan is to die for. The snow wouldn't allow us to explore the streets much (which was my original goal...sigh...). But we had plenty of fun in the hotel. We sat in a hot tub and a sauna, swam in a pool, I got a massage :) There isn't much to show you about our hotel because we had one of the cheapest rooms but I just couldn't pass by this fun chandelier:


The next day the snow was going just as bad. So we weighed our options and decided to go to the museum of contemporary art (that was across the street from our hotel) first.

It was ...ummm.. interesting:


This was probably the most interesting display of all. As for the rest...well, we kind of missed the notification about the mature content, and it turned out to be...very R rated. I know it was supposed to be contemporary but that was something...No surprise, we were out of this place within minutes :)

Because the snow was not slowing down still, we just went shopping in the mall next to the hotel:


There is not much I can tell you about our shopping trip. Everything in the mall is so overpriced! Our budget for this trip was only $100 (on top of a hotel gift card) and between the difference in our bill, parking and the restaurant, we had very little money left to waste. Which is a good thing. I would choose to go to a nice place to eat with Hubby than a new shirt any day. The funny thing though is even when I go shopping I look at the decor. For example I couldn't pass by this unique, fun, decorative piece made out of bottle caps in Nordstrom:


Whatever this is, it looks so cool!

So in the past few days we got at least a foot of snow and a lot of fun together.

Now I just wish somebody would do all of the laundry for me as an Anniversary gift. Any takers? :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with your husband. For me, it's just the getting away for a little quiet time together that makes the best trip for me with my husband. It doesn't matter much what we do.

    Also, the snow picture is absolutely beautiful.

    1. We had fun! We usually don't do hotels or traveling (unless it's a big date) but we needed to use up our gift card.

  2. Adam and I walked the mall for our last anniversary too. We bought a small votive candle at the Yankee store and that's it. It is overpriced, but there is plenty of fun people watching to do there.

    So sad your parents are gone back home. I always wonder the same thing when my parents leave - when will we see them next? But mine are much closer.

    1. I bought two necklaces from Forever 21 on clearance for $2 each :) But yeah, I agree with you on watching people, it's always entertaining :)

  3. Looks like you two made the best of the situation. I thought you lived in southern CA where it's always sunny and warm. I forget that northern CA has real weather!lol

    And I'd do your laundry for ya....but you'd have to bring it to PA first. ;-)

    1. Oh, I wish I lived in sunny CA :( And I'd love to come visit, that would be fun :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you and your husband had a wonderful time even though plans were changed. I would have loved to see the snow!

    1. Oh, I wish i could send you some in a nice package :)We get more than enough snow here!

  5. Happy Anniversary. Your anniversary pictures are so similar to ours. We also had a change of plans at the last minute--ours because of price issues. And we skipped the Contemporary Art. Lol. I'm glad you got an extra day with your parents. I can relate. My parents live far away too--not as far as yours, but because they're getting older, they haven't come for 2 years or more. Luckily, I get to drag the kids out to see them once a year or so.

    1. Oh, I wish I could go back home to see my parents once a year too. But we will need about $5000 for a trip like this. I haven't seen my Grandma for more than 3 years :(

      And as for contemporary art, I promise you didn't miss anything :)

    2. My husband actually teases me about it right now because I kept complaining that he never takes me to any museums, and that's where I dragged us...I feel like I could live without the museums for some time now :)

  6. Looks like you had a nice little trip! I can't believe that museum! Ack! I'd have been mortified too!! lol! You look super cute in that last pic, Lena!! :)

  7. Lena, how nice you got a couple extra days with your parents. Happy Anniversary ! My Crabby Cabbie has been so busy, we haven't gone for our usual trip to the City for a Mandarin Restaurant buffet. I LOVE that photo of you all by yourself... you look very "chic". Keep living and enjoying. xx

  8. Extra time with family is always nice. Happy Anniversary. I chuckled at your R rated art experience. ;)
    And no I don't want your laundry, sorry.


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