Friday, February 22, 2013

Working on a few things...

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I'm sorry I've been a little MIA in the last couple of days. I am going to a baby shower on Tuesday, and I'm working on a few gifts. It's for a family member, and I want to make something special but you all know about my sewing skills :) Or lack of them...That's why it's taking a little longer than I thought :)

But here's one of the gifts I made today:

You probably noticed that I haven't posted any diaper cakes for a while. The thing is - I stopped making them :( I love the process but there are a few reasons why I stopped. One is time. I'm really lacking time. I just have too much on my plate, and I either need to do a few things well or try to do everything and achieve nothing. Second is price. It's not worth it any more for me. Diapers are getting more expensive, and it's been harder and harder to find a good deal.

So I took my ad off before Christmas and I'm actually breathing a little easier. But deep down I miss it. So I jumped on this opportunity to make a diaper cake. I'm not going back (at least, not any time soon) but I enjoyed it so much. I hope, Mommy-to-be likes it too :)

Have you ever stopped doing something that you miss even though you knew it was the right choice for you?


  1. that is fantastic,i wouldnt be able to use it though,Far too nice to dismantle.

  2. Nappy/Diaper cakes just amaze me thay are so creative. I'm sure your mum-to-be will just love the one you have made for her. I know I do.

  3. Lena, that is the cutest Diaper Bag going. Everything that brings us a bit of joy, such as knitting, sewing, crafting, etc has gotten so expensive to do. *sad*

  4. Mommy is going to love her gift!! I have put scrapbooking on the back burned for a couple of years now as I just couldn't find the time to sit for hours making pages. I don't miss the work but I do sooo miss having scrapbooks of all the grands up to date. Someday I know I will get back to it!!

  5. I have cut back on yard work because all the kneeling was starting to bother my knees. But, I do wish I could do more as I really like it.

  6. It's adorable!! She'll love it I'm sure! :) I've been on a "fabric diet" for many months now... Fabric is SO expensive, I've lost orders because the cost of a custom made item. It's just too pricey & once you factor in time, not worth it sometimes. :(

  7. I love your little motorcycle. You're so creative!


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