Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's your journey...

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North-east of Sasebo city in Japan is located one of the oldest Noritake factories where they make world famous beautiful porcelain. Super high quality is a priority for the makers of Noritake china. In this factory at every stage of the process, standing next to the conveyor belts that carry dishes along, are huge reject barrels. Every time there is a flaw in production, whether a little chip, wrong paint or shape, the piece of china goes into the barrel.

Later they gather all of these barrels and recycle. Nothing is wasted. All of the items are reground, reshaped and made into beautiful pieces.

So often in our lives we feel like rejects - everything is falling apart, we are drowning in debt, we lose a loved one, we can't keep up with the pace of life...We feel like a complete failure. We also look at others who seemingly lead a perfect life, and it makes us feel even worse. We catch a bug of "Superwoman-ism", and we can't seem to be able to reach the high standards that society or we ourselves create. Have you been there? I surely have!

I don't know who said that beautiful quote above but I love it. Like the Noritake porcelain, times in my life I felt like a cup in a reject barrel. I had to scrape myself from the bottom of despair or disappointment and try to stand back on my feet ( or at least, on my knees). I compared myself to others and thought I have nothing to offer. 

But this isn't true! And so many times I was shown that it isn't true! In the past few months we've been watching a family member going on the path of complete destruction. This certain individual achieved so much in his life and helped a lot of people. But he recently had to endure some personal losses and heartaches, and now feels like he's nobody. It brakes my heart to see him doing it to himself and his loved ones because I know that he has so much to offer to this world and those around him.

We are not rejects. On this journey we can get reground, reshaped and made into beautiful and individual pieces. Life sometimes sucks but it's still worth living. It's our journey and each and every one of us has a reason to live! And to love! And to care! Even if it sometimes means to go through a massive heavy grinder... Our life is not a competition even though it occasionally feels like a marathon...

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone :)


  1. Wow, great message. Thank you, I needed to hear it today!

  2. An interesting post. Hope you family member come through the grinder and not get stuck. It is so hard to see the end of the tunnel when you're in there.
    We wish him luck.

    1. Thank you Carol! I appreciate it!!

  3. What a lovely heartfelt post, Lena. I truly hope your family member can soon see their worth in life again. xx

  4. Very wise words. Comparing yourself to others always gets you in trouble. The problem is you never know the whole story when you do that.

    1. Exactly! We only see what's on the outside but we want to believe that we actually know!


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