Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our little summer vacation...

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And the prize goes to Kim!! OK, just kidding :) But she guessed it right! The little Paris from the previous post was indeed in ID.

We ended up there on accident (but I thought it was so cool!! :) But in reality we went to one of my favorite places on Earth - Bear Lake, that's located on the border of ID and UT. We try to go there every year, and we planned a trip this summer too. But with the unemployment, all of our previous plans got cancelled...

But my FIL gave us an amazing gift. He took the whole family (all 17 of us!!) for a 5-day long trip!! It was AMAZING!! I can't even describe.

We stayed in a beautiful cabin. Just to show you how great the place was, here is the view from the balcony:

 photo IMG_2688_zpsde14919f.jpg

And yes, it's a rainbow :) We actually had three storms while we were there. They were quick and warm, and we saw three different rainbows while we were there. But because of the storm, we lost Internet connection, and that's why I couldn't post or comment for a few days. At first, I was upset about it but then I thought it was a sign that I needed to just relax and enjoy our time together. And so we did :)

This lake is absolutely beautiful! The beach shore has amazing sand (a piece of heaven for little ones :) and it's pretty shallow for yards and yards (again, awesome for kids):

 photo IMG_2701_zpsa8ed4a3a.jpg

The water  might seem grey from this picture but it looks like this because it's very shallow. But in reality the water is a beautiful teal-blue. I'm not exaggerating! It has some elements in it to give it it's beautiful color. This is an untouched picture from a boat to prove my point:)

 photo IMG_2722_zpsd83f1ff9.jpg

My FIL has a boat , so we spent quite some time on it. Boys went tubing and wakeboarding:

 photo IMG_2719_zpsb3a152ed.jpg

That's my cute man :) I have to be honest with you, I tried it too but...well, no pictures because I failed. Quite literally too :) I guess, I should stick to swimming and spending time with my sweet little ones on the beach:

 photo IMG_2653_zps1b015b10.jpg

 photo IMG_2736_zpsd85a7dfc.jpg

 photo IMG_27581_zpsbf2c36c7.jpg

It was a beautiful vacation for all our family:

 photo IMG_2707_zpsdc6bbd94.jpg

I came back home rejuvenated and full of energy (even though, pretty burned :), full of plans and ideas, and ready to move on!! And that's where we were all last week :)

 photo IMG_2752_zps4772d8ed.jpg

How was your week??


  1. What a terrific gift from your Father in Law! I am glad you were able to get away and have a nice time.

    1. It was very nice of him! And I think he needed it too :)

  2. I think the rainbows were a sign as well as the internet loss. Good things are coming.

    1. I sure hope so! Rainbows were always a sign of something good for our family, and I've never seen that many in such a short period of time!!

  3. How wonderful!!!!! What a great way to have some realy family time away from it all. You have such a cute family

  4. So glad that you've been able to have a lovely family holiday and have come back restored. Looks like a great location and fab weather, storms and all.

  5. Love your family photo! What a nice little get away :)

  6. I'm glad you had a vacation - looks like you had a lot of fun. Your boys are beautiful.

  7. Sounds like a little oasis for you and your family during this stressful time. What a great gift from your father-in-law! I love the photos, especially the family one:)

  8. It sounds like you have had a wonderful time and a great catch up with the whole family. That water looks amazing and so clear, I want to paddle too.
    Loved the family photo. Glad that you had a great time.

  9. hello
    lovely family photos and it sounds that you have had a beautiful vacation with your family!
    wish you a nice day,

  10. I am so happy for you and your family, it looks so beautiful and such a nice vacation.

  11. Wow - looks awesome! Love all the pictures and I'm glad you didn't have internet - sometimes we need to just disappear for a while.

  12. What a wonderful time it looks like you guys had! Thanks for sharing and sharing all those awesome pictures!

  13. (I am not sure if my last comment posted, but if so, feel free to delete it, it was incomplete!)

    That looks like a great vacation for you all. How wonderful of your family. I miss beautiful waters and sand like that... even if I am hydrophobic. There's not a lot of clear waters around here.

  14. That place is beautiful, have been there many times. You look happy and rested. So does your husband. I can imagine he is very stressed right now. Is there anything I can do for you?

  15. Hi Lena~ Looks like you and your family had a great time:) Exactly what you needed~ I have never been out west and had no idea ID was so beautiful~ Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangeriens

  16. Isn't it nice to just unplug and relax for awhile?? That was amazing of your FIL and I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I love the pics!

  17. Exactly what you needed as a family; love all the photos of the happiness spent together xx

  18. I'm a little late catching up on my blog reading - what a great trip! Glad you all got a nice break and some fun time together :)


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