Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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How was your day? Did your kids share any candies with you?? :)

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Our pumpkin this year :) Because of the trip, we only got a pumpkin last night but it was on clearance, so it's a win-win :) I picked up another one for delicious fall recipes I can't wait to make.

This year we decided to go semi-DIY with kids' costumes. Our budget was $20. I'm happy to say, we stayed way under and they looked adorable (I'm bias, I know :)

  photo IMG_0264_zps179beae3.jpg 

For the older one, I added lace to a plain white shirt. The hat was an amazing find in Savers for only $3.69 (brand new - got the last one!). The long trench coat was sadly mine, from the time when I was many-many sizes smaller...We just rolled the sleeves.

I made waist sashes with fabric I already had on hand. I also made some boot covers but they never made it to the picture. 

The pirate shirt on the little one was another lucky find in Savers, this time used, for only $1.50, and his bandana is from the Goodwill Halloween isle. 

So, without the swords, their costumes were only appr. $7 for both. The swords were actually souvenirs the kiddos chose in Disneyland (I rubbed frugality on them - they subconsciously chose the cheapest gifts... And I promise, I didn't help them in any way to do it!). They were only $5 each and technically came from a different budget. But even with them, we were still under budget. Wohoo!!

Oh, I'm totally bias but how cute are these two munchkins!!! :) We ended up with too much candy after tonight...

 photo IMG_0277_zpse67e3fb6.jpg


  1. Your boys do look very cute in their costumes. The costumes look great too

  2. Yes, they are very cute. :) Your older son looks more and more like his father every day.

  3. Oh, how adorable! My in-laws made Minion pumpkins too, but not quite as cute as yours. The little pirates look perfect in their costumes.

  4. Your boys are so cute and their costumes are awesome! I always enjoy seeing the handmade, creative costumes. I made a lot of inexpensive ones for my kids when they were small. The minion pumpkin is great, those little guys crack me up. We had no trick or treaters, but I got home late and my husband met me at the door with a Milky Way :)

  5. Great job on the costumes! Your boys are so handsome!

  6. The boys are so cute!

  7. Move over Johnny Depp, them is some cute pirates, Are they orphans?


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