Friday, December 20, 2013

A very simple and inexpensive gift idea.

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Remember, I told you that we decided not to exchange gifts with Hubby's siblings this year? Well, I couldn't completely go without presents, mainly because I was preparing for them since late summer:) I decided to share it with all of you because it's a very simple idea. You know, one of those that anybody can do :)

I made some homemade Italian spice mixes for them:

 photo IMG_0560-1_zps3e9717e4.jpg

There are so easy to make! It took me since summer only because I was preserving herbs from our garden:) But you could buy your spices in bulk to make this an inexpensive last-minute gift or just for everyday use.

I got these jars from Walmart for a little over $4:

 photo IMG_0552-1_zps5307cba2.jpg

There are 4 4 oz jars with shaker cups and removable labels in the pack. I got mine in the same area where they have canning supplies.

And for the actual mixture you will need (in proportion):

2 TB dry parsley
2 TB oregano
2 TB basil
1 TB marjoram
1/2 TB crushed thyme

 photo IMG_0554-1_zps587cd24c.jpg

Just mix them together and you are done:) But I also like to pulsate the mixture a few times in a blender to make it a little more unified:

 photo IMG_0559-1_zpsc6e23cea.jpg

And that's it!:)

Are you giving any easy and inexpensive homemade gifts this year?


  1. Great idea!! I did dehydrated onions, celery, carrots, bayleafs, and parsley in individual jars a few years back that were a big hit. Doing an herb blend would be so much easier

  2. That really is planning ahead. Planting the herbs to dry and mix for Christmas. As for the jars, those are usually seasonal items and you can't find them after the summer. At least that's the way it is around here. Just a heads up in case someone is already planning ahead for next year. :)

  3. What a nice gift giving idea, Lena, they will be happy to receive these. x

  4. Love it! But, love even more that you grew it all from your yard. I'll be taking some produce from our yard on our flight, if we have any room in the suitcases. ;-) I also baked an old family recipe that no one has been able to replicate in years - cardamom bread. It turned out great!

  5. I made jam this year. It is easy and my 5-year-old son can help me. Just don't try to change the baby's diaper while the jam is cooking, like I did, because it will totally pick that moment to boil over. :) The jam that stayed in the pot, however, was delicious. Your spice mixes look delicious too, and those cans are so cute. Nice find!

  6. What a great idea! And I love those containers

  7. I love those jars - I don't think I have seen them before. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some. What a great idea.

  8. I think this is a great gift idea! It's cute too, I like little containers like that. :)

  9. I love these jars! We buy our herbs and spices in bulk but then what to do with them. These jars are perfect!!! I will surely try your herb blend as well:) Thanks for the great ideas!!!

  10. Great idea and great planning too.

  11. Perfect gift!! Love those jars as well! :)

  12. That is a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas! Just in case, I don't get to visit you before the holiday gets here.

  13. What a great gift idea! Love that these are home grown herbs too!


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