Thursday, December 19, 2013

We got it!!!

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We got ourselves a pretty expensive Christmas gift this year :) Remember I mentioned that we didn't really have any menu plans this week.Well, the reason is because our fridge looked like this( it only took me four hours to clean it...):

 photo IMG_0523_zps1b7ec4ec.jpg

Yep, you guessed it right! We got a new fridge :) We waited and waited for a good sale and about a week and a half ago or so we finally were ready to buy (right on time, because our old refrigerator started acting out more than before). You might remember that our heart was set on this one from Lowes because the space for the fridge in our kitchen is so awkward. This one is the closest to the size we had before (just slightly deeper). So say goodbye to the old electricity guzzler...

 photo IMG_0521-1_zpsbec78179.jpg

...say hello to the new guy:

 photo IMG_0530_zps18469d3d.jpg

It was delivered yesterday and we love it so far. It has more space in the refrigerator part than we had before which is awesome because we often have family or friends staying with us and can easily have at least 4 gallons of milk sitting in there at a time.

The price with tax ended up being $1242. Here's the breakdown of our savings:

The original price: $1899
Sale #1 (has been like this for a few months): down to $1599
Sale #2 (a 10% weekend promotion): price went down to $1439
Used 10% off coupon sent to us by a friend: $1296+$87 in tax=$1383

On top of that:
Cash back from ebates: $57
Cash back from our credit card: $14
A rebate from electrical company for hauling our old one: $30
Another rebate for buying an energy-efficient model: $40.

Considering that Amazon sells the same refrigerator on sale for $2,460.50, I think it's a great deal. I'm glad we had the money set aside because our old one wouldn't last much longer. It's considered a smaller fridge of that type but it's perfect for us. Hopefully it will last at least half as long as the old one did :)

 photo IMG_0531_zps13dfecdf.jpg

The only minus is that I did lose the space for my spice rack, so for now my spices sit in the black basket on the top of the refrigerator but I really need to come up with something different. And quickly...


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Here is to him having a long and happy live :) You did great on the sales and money back also.

  2. Congrats, she is a beauty!! That is the same style I hope to get when we need to replace ours. Love all the room the double fridge doors gives you

  3. Wow, that is a big difference. Glad that you are happy with your purchase! And what a deal too. Gotta love combining all of the different coupons and cash back to get the most bang for your buck. My friends used to have that type of fridge and they weren't a fan of the lower drawer. They said that it let escape too much cold air when opened. Do you find it troublesome?

  4. That is great, hope you love it!! Terrific job with the savings.

  5. Congratulations on the new fridge. I know that you will enjoy the extra room and electricity savings.

  6. I'm so happy for you. It looks like our fridge and I love it. Its so easy to see everything you have inside because its spacious and well-lit.

  7. Good for you! It looks awesome!! :) Enjoy!!

  8. Congratulations, Lena! I can tell how excited you are! It is nice to have more room in your fridge. It looks great in your kitchen too! Enjoy! :)

  9. Wow that fridge is so nice. I love it.

  10. Congrats, it's a beauty! Our oven just went out and we've repaired it too many times to go again, we need a new one. With a house full of company coming, of course!!! :) Ah well, that's okay if we don't get one in time, we'll just use the stove top and it'll be okay. ;)

  11. Good for you! Your new fridge is just gorgeous! Enjoy it :)

  12. that is a great deal! the best time to buy an appliance is usually right around/after Christmas and the entire month of January, so it looks like you got your deal

  13. Have fun cleaning all the fingerprints off of it! Ask me how I know....lolz
    It's a beauty and I hope it lives up to your expectation and you get many MANY years of service out of it. 8-)

  14. Lena! It's beautiful! Let me know how you like the freezer on the bottom!

  15. It's a thing of beauty! It's just like the fridge/freezer I'm coveting! Enjoy!

  16. Its amazing how a new refrigerator updates your space. It looks great. Congradulations!


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