Monday, December 30, 2013

Food waste and a menu, week 12/30-1/5.

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Happy Monday, everyone! :)

How's your week starting? Are you ready for the New Year?

It's kind of amazing how quickly this year flew by. Not that I'm going to miss it... In fact, I've never wanted a new year to come sooner. For many reasons... One of them is that as much as I love white and playing in the snow with kiddos, I'm getting more and more ready for some vibrant spring colors. Kind of like these:

 photo 100_1117_zps5f77b72c.jpg

Gorgeous, right? Are you getting tired of winter already too or are you enjoying every minute of it instead?

This is also the last time this year to keep track of our food waste. Unfortunately, I'm not ending it with a nice big zero. Still, with all the Christmas celebrations and parties - read, lots of leftovers - we only threw away two pieces of pita that got moldy. I'd say, not bad at all!

The New Year's Day is by far the biggest holiday of the year in my country. But we decided to meet it quietly. I'm not cooking anything big but we will enjoy time around our Christmas tree for one more day. Yes, my tree is still up, as it is every year during this time :)

And this is what our menu looks like so far. As usual, it's always subject to change. Our weekend is not planned because we might be meeting with my sister's family for a belated Christmas dinner. Last week they were all sick with flu, so we stayed away:

Mon. - busy day casserole (my day was crazy busy today:), steamed broccoli
Tues.- stuffed shells, baked cauliflower
Wed.- cutlets, leftover rice from Monday, mixed veggies
Thurs.- hot dogs, fries, salad
Fr- vegetable soup or leftovers
Sat.- TBD
Sun.- TBD

Are you making anything special for the New Year?


  1. I am going to have to try that busy day casserole. I hope you had a great holiday!

  2. That does seem like the ideal casserole for a busy day! I hope your new year is everything you want and that spring comes soon for you! :) We are heading over to a friend's house and will do a "children's midnight" around 8-9. Which gets me out of cooking, as we are only responsible for bring some salsa and chips. :)

  3. I can barely get past the picture of the pansies! My eyes are desperate for some colour! Thank you Lena for all of your helpful and supportive words - it made a big difference having the support of everyone. Thank you.

  4. I pinned that casserole too. I certainly need help on busy days :)
    I am more than ready for 2014 too.


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