Sunday, December 8, 2013

In a pre-Christmas mood...

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I told you yesterday that I'm finally getting into a Christmas mood. Here's the proof :)

 photo IMG_0490-1_zpsa41dd9b0.jpg

Arent's these two little guys so cute enjoying a moment there :)

Our tree is finally up! It's the first year since we got married that we didn't have it all up in it's beauty the day after Thanksgiving. I couldn't wait any longer!! We spent a few hours yesterday while listening to holiday music on Pandora. You might remember that we have a special tradition in our family that was started by Hubby's uncle. He used to be one of the artists for Hallmark before retiring and every year he would send my husband and each of his siblings an ornament (many of which were created by him). By the time we met, my man had a huge box of fun and special ornaments to put on our first tree.

We decided to continue with this tradition - we give our boys an ornament that has a special meaning every year. It could be serious or fun. Like this year we got this ornament for one of our kids because it was their first time to go to Disneyland (and also because I have a secret crush on Mater :)

 photo IMG_0454-1_zpsffbbce13.jpg

We also added another very special ornament to our tree this Christmas:

 photo IMG_0453-1_zpse9039b16.jpg

My SIL got it for us last Christmas in memory of Hubby's sweet Grandma who passed away in September of 2012. We miss her a lot and it's such a sweet reminder.

I'm glad to be done with decorating! Now it's time to start on Christmas baking... I could really use some sugary treats right now...

Do you have any special holiday traditions in your home?


  1. We have not put our tree up yet, we normally have it up by now too. I also usually have my cards out by December 1st & have not even started them yet. My Mom always got me a special Hallmark ornament every year also & when I got married I had a box full like your hubby. My Mom passed away 14 years ago & those ornaments mean so much to me, there are so many special memories in each one of them.

  2. Your tree looks lovely. I like the idea that grandma is also sharing Christmas with you too. Your idea to buy your boys tree decorations from whilst they are young is a very good idea. Might do the same for L and maybe give to her for Christmas as a gift decoration or let her choose on. We are trying to find our own traditions now that L in older.

  3. What a beautiful tree. Now onto the baking.

  4. We also have added ornies with special meaning to our tree each year and since the kids came along, that usually means we have a tree full of Thomas the tank, Barney, Sesame St. Characters, Lamb Chop, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Nsync, etc. lolz
    Your tree looks really nice.....

  5. We made our first batch of fudge this year and Josh was my helper. He seemed amazed that I have made this every year of my life that I can remember.

  6. So pretty! I love having a tree and sitting in the dark with the Christmas tree lights on.

  7. Your children and tree are perfect!
    We will be making cookies and fudge this weekend and going to a Christmas party. Blech. I'm not a Christmas-y sort of person. I know its bad to say.

  8. Hi Lena~ Finally got our tree up and decorated this past week-end...every year I send my god-son an ornament every year and he loves getting them. He's always so excited when he calls to Thank us. He is now 12 and has his own box for his ornaments, it's a wonderful tradition~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines Happy Holidays~

  9. we just got ours up as well this past weekend! this year is an all plastic ornaments kind of year, as our little guy just can't stop playing with the ornaments...he thinks they are balls

  10. That's one nice looking tree you have there. That ornament is a great way to keep loved ones close.

  11. That first picture is priceless. Also, I like the way you are remembering your husband's Grandma. :) XOXO


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