Monday, December 9, 2013

Food waste and a menu, week 12/9-12/15.

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It's been pretty cold here in the last two days. The forecast for tonight is 4F. Brrr... But it's also so sunny and beautiful. I love to see the contrast of sparkly-white snow and piercing-blue sky:

 photo 100_1757_zps33c56011.jpg

So beautiful!! I've been drinking a lot of hot cocoa and herbal tea lately. We are all finally getting better but it's a slow process. I still have a bit of a sore throat and a raspy voice, same as the little guy. But at least it's not unbearable any more.

I made quite a few soups in the last couple of weeks too and it actually ended up being my food waste from last week. I threw away a whole pot of delicious chicken tortilla soup. Unfortunately, I turned on the heat and forgot all about it :( Bleh.

Kind of killed my cravings for soup for some time. I actually took a picture of what was left of it but can't find it either on my computer or camera. That's what happens when you have more than two thousand pictures on it. I really need to do some memory cleaning....

Instead we will rely on other comfort foods right out of the oven this week. So far our menu looks like this:

Mon. - Asian salmon (using a marinade from this recipe), jasmine rise, california blend veggies
Tues.- cheese tortellini with salad
Wed.- shepherds pie, steamed carrots
Thurs.- baked chicken, leftover rice and whatever veggies I can find in our fridge
Fr.- pasta, chicken and spinach bake
Sat.-leftovers or pizza
Sun.- creamy chicken and rice soup (I do need to have at least one soup on the menu this week, right? :)

And what's on your menu this week? Do you have any yummy recipes to share?


  1. Our menu is non-existent at the moment - our fridge is in one room and the stove in another til we get the kitchen painted!

  2. Sounds like a good food plan for the week. Glad you're feeling better.

  3. No food on my menu, but I had to write to say I'm so jealous of your perfectly snowed in trees! All we've been getting is half-hearted wintry mix with a tiny bit of white, but mostly slush. :(

  4. I love the contrast of snow on the pine trees too!! And I'm not even a big fan of snow. ;) Well...not driving in it anyway. :)

    Pizza is our favorite go-to meal around here because everyone loves it. :)

  5. It's its been cold and icy here too! We are having roast tonight. Something hearty and warm on this cold day!

  6. I have not made shepherd's pie in a long just inspired me to make that again

  7. Pretty picture! The snow is so pretty in December and still pretty in January. By February, it is not as pretty. By March, April and May its not pretty at all. Lol!

    I'm with you on homemade soup. I love it! I'm going to try your Chicken with Rice soup. It sounds good and easy.

  8. It is so hard to keep everything going when you are sick. I hope you are all over the worst of it.
    I try to have a few easy meals each week going into the holiday. It seems to get a little crazy for us and Anna is coming home. We decided to put the tree up without her. Its silly to only have the tree up for a week. I know this bothers her a bit but I try to tell her how happy and how it will get her in the Christmas mood when she walks in.

  9. Now wouldn't it be wonderful if we really could do some 'memory clearing'? lol I know what you mean. I've already started deleting boards and pins. I figure most have been there over a year and I've not even considered them again. They can go. Ditto for pictures already posted to the blog, bad blurry shots (oh so many of those, lol!), blogs (not yours!) etc. I like to start the New Year with fresh slates in many areas. But yes, that comment about the memory card really did intrigue me a bit...there may be a post on that...


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