Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How a bad day can turn into a pretty good one...

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Today I woke up grumpy... My 1-st grader had shared his cold with all of us after all (and he himself was way better within just two days!! Karma...). Because of that the little one has been up all night for the past couple of nights. I have to say, I'm grumpy most mornings - yes, I'm so not a morning person - but when I don't sleep well and feel crappy, well, then don't get on my case...

But as the day has progressed, I noticed that I was "surrounded" (virtually included) by some pretty happy and awesome people. A couple of my friends (hey, Judy :) posted why their life was so good, others had cool dates planned or went on an awesome vacation. A few had babies within a week (one was born in a car!! Kudos to that happy Dad who delivered the new offspring :). It seemed like life was so good for so many... And here I was, curled in a ball on the couch feeling miserable and sorry for myself, with no plans for dinner since I didn't make any menu plans yesterday and still wearing my pajamas at two in the afternoon...

And then I said, "Stop it!". Just stop it! You have so much to be happy about. Let's look at a few good things that had happened to yours truly today:

1. First, I'm sick but hey, I'm feeling way better than I could be... Actually, better than anybody else in our house besides the Kid (I still swear by the magic potion! Hubs thinks that Coke is medicine when you feel nasty...). And that allows me to take care of all the other sickies and stay on top of my work too. I even made dinner - some potatoes with chicken - how's that for being happy :)

2. Yesterday the weather was disgusting but it's finally getting warmer and will stay spring-y warm for the rest of the week.

3. I found the first bud of my tulips yesterday (but it was too cold to take a pic :)

4. A few of my Russian girlfriends and I made some awesome plans for this Saturday. I'm excited and can't wait!

5. My Hubby came home and told me that there will be an educational event about multiple myeloma (the cancer my Mom is battling) in April. The entrance is free. I'm really looking forward to it!

6. My 1-st grader won a spelling bee among the other first graders (OK, that happened on Friday but I'm still proud of him:)

7. I had a very nice and long talk with my parents today

See, I told you I had many reasons to be happy :) Sometimes it's all about taking a step back and looking at what you already have...

And how was your day???


  1. You "took that frown and turned it upside down". Good for you. Hope today is a better day than even yesterday.

  2. Indeed! So many times we're caught up in so much negativity. It's nice to step back for a bit and really look at the picture. It normally is a lot prettier than when we're just focusing on one part of it (which happens to be the bad ones). Glad you're feeling better. Hope sickness leaves your household soon and doesn't come back!

  3. I have multiple myeloma too. If you read my blog it might help with some ideas, treatments etc. what is she doing? When was she diagnosed? If I can answer any questions for her( or you) let me know!

  4. A good message to us all! Thank you for reminding us that we all have so much to be grateful for. We are better off than most people in the world but sometimes lose sight of that in the day to day "stuff"!

  5. OK, I needed this. Maybe I'm just grumpy today. And I needed to hear that you liked me. Thanks I needed that.
    I will smile and push on. But I may lose the smile while I clean the house. Oh and I'm dieting. Maybe that's part of my problem. Chin up and all that good stuff.


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