Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let's get to know each other a little better, shall we?

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I finally got to go through pages and pages of e-mails that have been piling up on me... And among lots of junk and some questionable offers (like infesting my blog with online casino advertisements - nada, ain't happening! Don't worry, people. I'm all about saving money, not wasting it :), there were a few pure gems. Those of you who wrote to me, you know who you are, and you are too sweet :)

But one such message that I wished I saw a while ago was from Monique from A Half-Baked Notion who nominated me for a Liebster Reward. Thank you, my friend!

Since it's been so long, I don't want to nominate anybody back. But I would love to answer Monique's questions because some of them really intrigued me and made me think, and I invite you to join me in the comment section.

So here we go:

1. If you had a time machine, what period of history would you visit?

 Hmm, I don't really know. Maybe, France, in the time of Dumas or his Three Musketeers :)

2. Do you play a musical instrument (if not, which would you want to learn)?

No, unfortunately not. But I wish I'd learned to play the piano when I was younger. I did try to break play a guitar as a teenager but never stuck with it. I have to say, I'm quite an expert on playing on people's nerves though:) 
3.Who was your first best friend as a child?

My very first best friend was a neighbor girl named Tanya. We lived in the same apartment building and attended the same class in school (back home, when you start going to school, you stay mostly with the same kids throughout the whole ten years. We did have a separation into Math and Humanitarian classes later, in 9th grade, when we got all mixed up but those friendships lasted forever). Unfortunately, as we got older, we drifted apart because I started taking skating and dance classes, and she ended up with a group of friends that I didn't approve of. And then we moved and we completely lost each other. But last year, after twenty years, we reconnected again on Odnolassniki (same as "Classmates" in the US but free). It was nice to see that she's doing great, she's a mother and seems to be very happy. It was nice to bring back all those childhood memories... 

4. How or why did you decide to start blogging?

I was following many bloggers over the years, way before I started blogging myself. I was inspired by thrifty, frugal, talented people who used their money wisely, worked hard on getting out of debt and learned to thrive and enjoy life with very little. At first, my blog was born to somewhat mirror that but eventually it evolved into more of a journal of our lives, still frugal and grateful for many blessings in our lives (the original name of this blog was "Frugal and Thankful", and I still stand behind this statement) but also including things I'm passionate about like interior design, DIY projects or yummy food. 

5. Where would you visit if cost were no object?

Europe. I would love to take a tour of Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Switzerland with a separate trip to Scotland where my husband has his roots. I also would love to go back to Finland and Sweden because I fell in love with both of these countries a long time ago.

6. Favorite guilty pleasure?

Oh, chocolate. Lindt dark chocolate truffles or Milka with whole hazelnuts. Mmmm...

7. Are you a big breakfast eater or strictly coffee and toast?

I like me some nice breakfast.  I don't drink tea or coffee but I'm a great fan of a steamy cup of herbal tea, especially in winter (rooibos is my favorite!). I like to accompany it with a fried egg or an omelet and toast with some homemade jam. But in summer I stick to lighter things like yogurt with granola or even just a fruit salad.

8. What is the one thing you "can't live without"?

My laptop :) Not even sure, if it needs any explanation :) I do try to unplug once in a while but the technology became so much more than just Google for me. It's an opportunity to stay in touch with my family and friends, a source of inspiration, and a chance to be heard.

9. You think ___________ should be illegal...

Using a phone and driving. Not just texting, even though it's huge and I hope every state makes it illegal soon. Oh, and also putting on mascara while driving.. That's just pure crazy!!

10. What is your favorite room in the house?

Frankly, the bathroom :) That's where I usually can get a minute for myself :) Otherwise, I might sound mundane but it's definitely the kitchen. I believe in family dinners and we try to do our best to get together every night and discuss our day, our problems, share happy moments and enjoy a delicious meal together.

11. If the story of your life were made into a movie, would it be a drama? comedy? suspense? horror? documentary?

Hmm, that's an interesting one. It really depends! If we look at my cultural background, than it could be a documentary. Otherwise, probably, a drama. Some things that happened in my life or in lives of those I love are not the things I'm ready to discuss here on the blog or anywhere really but I can relate to some stories of pain, death, suffering and abuse...

Not exactly the note I wanted to end on :) But honestly, some things, as dramatic as they were, taught me how to love and to be loved, how to keep faith and to know one's true value, how to serve and how to be happy...

Ok, now it's your turn :) Which questions can you relate to?? Come, share :)


  1. I think I could not live without my Laptop either, Lena. I have met so many new friends and reconnected with fantastic old friends. The social network it has opened through the Internet, Facebook, Google & Blogging has been incredible. My life? I am sure the first part of it would unfold a drama, I too do not care to share those things on my blog either, as the past is past and we live for the day and each other. xx

  2. I too tried to teach myself to play the guitar when I was a kid. However, the strings hurt my fingers and I never stuck with it. However, I did play the clarinet and sax in school groups.

  3. Haha, I have to agree with phone+driving... I cant even hold a 15 sec conversation over Bluetooth, let alone handle my phone while driving. Make up and eating should also be made illegal... nothing irks me than a car swerving to my lane and I can see the person in front is either trying to eat a whole meal with a fork, or has a drink one hand, a burger on the other, or curling their eyelashes! My life would be a sad comedy, for sure. And I too started blogging after following a few people and them asking me to start writing.

  4. Oh, the phone issue! When I pick up my daughter from school at the end of the day, I see almost all of the kids on their phones as they are walking across the street…barely ever looking up to see if there is a car coming toward them. It is so scary.

  5. I guess I could live without the three things I am about to mention but I am so glad they are available because I really do love using them. My lap top or Ipad, Kitchen Aid mixer and piano. I use all three each and every day. the access to internet is obvious. I bake regularly and love using the mixer. (When we remodeled the kitchen I had one shelf built so I could store my mixer without having to lift it either up or down. It lives perfectly at my waist height.) Last, I cannot imagine my world without music, both listening to and playing. I grew up playing classical piano and still do but I am learning jazz ( for me it is like learning a different language)

  6. Wow, thanks for putting such heart into your answers, Lena :) I had a good laugh when you said the bathroom was your favourite room! How well I remember that feeling of being able to relax for five minutes (especially for a nice bath!) before someone knocked at the door. *TeeHee* When the boys were little, small blessings like a bit of privacy sure meant a lot!

  7. Can't live without my laptop either, or my iPhone and my digital camera - everything revolves around them, oh and my truck too I suppose as I'm always needing to go somewhere...and my local thrift shop where I can find everything I need at a very reduced price :) That was fun Lena!


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