Friday, April 11, 2014

The Frugal Friday.

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Apparently yesterday was National Siblings Day. Did you know? My Facebook timeline has exploded with friends' pictures of their rocking siblings, so I thought I'd share mine:

Say hello to my amazing sister Olya. She's a mother of two beautiful kids, she's smart and awesome, and also a natural blonde. Oh, and she's extremely frugal too (OK, I had to tie it somehow to a Frugal Friday :) But she really is very thrifty, resourceful and great at stretching what she has in the fridge).

So how was your week?? Was it frugal, or not so much?

 photo 922ded92-92af-46f3-9045-427cfdc7521a_zpsf99b434c.jpg

I myself had a first this week! I only went grocery shopping once. Yep, you heard it right. Seriously, never happened before (I'm not going to mention that I spent 1/5 of our monthly budget in one trip. Let's just let it slide...). I blame it all on the beautiful weather outside :) Seriously, who wants to go shopping when its 70+ degrees outside, right??

I also finally got to balance all of our accounts and put another $150 into savings. Again, it's not much but since my husband doesn't get bonuses any more (like he used to at his old place), I have to pinch here and there to boost our savings. Isn't it insane how when you make a little more money, it's so easy to absorb that difference with all the "needs"???

Another frugal thing from this week that comes to mind is saving an unfortunate chicken. Last week we stopped at Smiths (Kroger chain) store, and they had some rotisserie chicken on clearance for only $2.50. Plus, I had a coupon to take another dollar off. We got one but when we brought it home, we quickly realized why it was on sale. Let's just say they reheated it way too many times... It kind of reminded me of munching on an old shoe, you know. I almost took it back. But then talked myself out of it because, well, I only spent $1.50 for it. So I boiled it and shredded the now soft meat, then strained and froze the broth. It's a little cloudy so might not work as well for soups but perfect for casseroles and such. In fact,  I used some of both broth and chicken to make this delicious rice on Monday. And I have enough chicken for another meal and plenty of broth left.

OK, now your turn :) What were your frugal achievements this week? Please, share!


  1. Love the pic of you and your sister- you both look so pretty and have the same sweet smile!
    Wow- way to save the chicken, girl! I am pretty impressed with how far you went to be able to use it all. Great job!
    I was pretty proud of myself because I did 8 loads of laundry this week and hung everything out to dry with the exception of our unmentionables. So instead of running the dryer 8 times I only ran it once, saving a bunch of electricity. Yay for Spring weather! :)

  2. What a beautiful picture of you and your sister. Does she live close?

  3. Sisters are one of life's precious gifts, Lena... I am blessed to have one as well!

    I love the can-do way you saved that poor chicken :) Probably the tastiest broth ever!

    No special savings this week for us, just the usual: shopped twice, stocked up on sale items we use a lot, and followed the menu plan. Boring but it works :)

  4. Wow, you are seriously the frugal queen! You go, girl :)
    That's such a pretty pic of you and your sister!

  5. Two beautiful, frugal and smart sister!!!!! You are blessed.


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