Thursday, April 10, 2014

How can I stay at home??

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I'm ashamed to say but for the past couple of days I can barely make myself stay at home or touch the computer... The weather has been so beautiful with temperatures in the mid-seventies. And spring is definitely here:

 photo IMG_1047_zps3fac98d4.jpg

Gorgeous blooms are everywhere:

 photo IMG_1048_zps9dc05a5d.jpg

I just feel like running around with the camera all day snapping, snapping and snapping beautiful pictures:

 photo IMG_1049_zpsf3af23f1.jpg

Did I mention before how much I love spring??

 photo IMG_1044_zps428bd5bb.jpg

Even in my pathetic garden that desperately needs some love, the herbs are happy spring is here too:

 photo IMG_1038_zps65cbdf25.jpg

I love color everywhere - in my clothes, in our home, on the plate, but nothing amazes and inspires me more than God's beautiful and perfect creations...

Has spring finally arrived on your side of the world???


  1. Fab pictures. Spring has arrives here and the rain has stopped for now.

  2. Spring is finally here in the Mid Atlantic, but it is a couple of weeks behind yours. I guess that's because you had a milder winter than we did this year. Your pictures are beautiful. I can't wait until I take some like that for myself.

  3. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Lena! I love Spring too. I was outside almost all day yesterday. Just something as simple as being able to dry our clothes out on the clothesline was uplifting. I finally feel like I am shaking off the winter blues. :)

  4. Oh oh oh, I've been really feeling like snapping some photos of this beautiful weather too! It's like, one day is freezing, and BOOM, you get flowers! Flowers EVERYWHERE! It's pretty and it's truly a shame to have to stay inside all day. It's a bit chilly for me still (I must be getting sick?), but hey, if I had the chance to go out, I'd put a coat and go! Fresh air, nice flowers (minus wasps, bees and anything that flies and has a stinger) is A-OK with me.

  5. Hi there! Your photos are gorgeous, it looks like Spring has definitely sprung where you are. Here in California everything has turned green and is budding. Yesterday, I was sitting in my car at a traffic light and watched dainty white pods, that looked like dandelion fluff, drifting through the sky…it was incredibly beautiful, like it was snowing. Simple pleasures can't be beat.

  6. Gorgeous Lena, thanks for sharing. Our flowers are just peeking out of the ground - nothing is blooming yet.


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