Friday, April 18, 2014

The Frugal Fridays.

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Hello, hello!

How was your week? It's time for another Frugal Fridays here :)

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I have to be honest, at first, my week didn't seem very frugal.But after giving it a second look I realized that I was wrong -

  • First, I made my controversial sign using stuff I already had on hand. I was actually surprised at the response this project had received :) It really is interesting to see the cultural differences between many of us, and the diversity that makes life so interesting. Just to answer some of your concerns, I have slippers available for my guests and I rarely point out directly to people to take their shoes off. We do have carpets almost everywhere that keep feet warm but are also  dirt traps. But I hope, the sign will be a polite reminder that that's what we do in our house. And going back to thrifty life, the only thing I had to buy for the sign was a set of stickers :)

  • I made a huge batch of vegetable (not vegetarian) soup that will last us for a few days. Vegetable soup is a great, healthy way to stretch your budget and it can easily be modified to everyone's taste. I actually cooked a piece of meat separately, used some of the broth from it and froze the rest, and now we have the option to use some of that meat in the soup or add it to casseroles or omelets. It will allow us to stretch the piece of meat much further and get a few meals out of it.

  • The gardening season is almost here!!

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I went to my favorite nursery the other day. Unfortunately, I'm way to late to start with our garden this year. I'm ashamed to say but it's still not completely dug up and fertilized (that's why these beautiful plants are still sitting on my kitchen table). Keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't rain tomorrow... But I got some peas for $1/4 (again, not the cheapest price, especially for peas but I'm late to plant them from seeds). I also got cucumbers, including Japanese that are impossible to find at the usual retail stores, kohlrabi that I couldn't buy in seeds and something I'm most happy about - sweet 100 tomato plants! I love them! I bought my first plant three years ago, and my kids eat these tomatoes from the vine. I know, it's a little early for tomatoes but I just couldn't resist. And only 75 c??? Deal! The hardware store charges almost $4 for this tomato, and it's always sold out. I do love my nursery!

  • And the best deal of the week:

 photo IMG_1063_zps505170df.jpg

Last Saturday True Value was giving away 1 qt of any color satin paint. I got pure white. I have so many projects that I need it for, so the timing was just perfect. I love me some free :)

So what were your frugal deals and achievements last week? Come, share :)


  1. After a bit of a break I am enjoying catching up with my fav blogs! Although I am now working full time and money is a little easier I am still careful with everything as three kids are expensive and you never know what is round the corner. My hubbys work may be ending so...... I am digging my garden this week and am thinking of investing in a greenhouse ( small) to grow some tomatoes and greens. I spend so much on food with my kids - they are bottomless pits!! Hope all is well with you! XXXX

  2. Hi Lena
    Are we making the Frugal Fridays into a sharing thing? Might help me to keep focused. I do much better when I think I am not the only one that will notice!

  3. I too found the "no shoes in the house" discussion interesting because the main factor of whether people wore them inside or not was based on their background and culture. If you didn't grow up with taking your shoes off, it seemed extreme and fussy to put up a sign. If you did grow up with taking them off, it seemed rude and disrespectful if you didn't remove them. I think many of us got a different perspective from the discussion.

    Otherwise, nice score with the paint.

  4. Great deals on the paint and plants! So looking forward to fresh tomatoes from the garden. Store bought tomatoes are awful this time of year.
    Not much frugal happening this week for me. We bought season tickets to Dollywood at the end of last year, so we went to the Festival of Nations this week. It is still hard for me to get around, but I enjoyed seeing the different shows. We enjoyed the trio from Moscow Nights; they were so talented and funny. Have you heard of them?


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