Monday, June 23, 2014

Food waste and a menu, week 6/23-6/29 (maybe...)

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Hello, hello, my lovelies!

I know it's been a while but I'm thankful that you still stick by me and are patient with me. The last few days were crazy! It's probably the first time since I started blogging that I haven't really touched my blog for 4 days. But thank you so much for all of the sweet and encouraging comments that you've left in those days. Talking about the comments, do you know what's happening in blogger reader? It only shows me one blog at a time??

But where have I been? Honestly, I don't even have a good excuse (or a fun one, at least). My Hubby was out of town on a business trip, and the kiddos decided to be especially ornery, day and night, keeping me on my toes all day long... All of us really hate when Daddy leaves town.... I tried to catch up on housework while staying on top of my regular work but it all ended up being one big mess. The kids did help me with the laundry, so there is some progress there at least...

One of the things that was on my long list and that just never happened was deep-cleaning the fridge. Hopefully, I can get to it tomorrow... Lately, we've been getting more and more food waste here, lots of it due to my aversions (food still pretty much sucks and I'm almost a vegetarian at this point...). This week the rest of the family managed to finish almost everything I couldn't stomach but we still ended up with a few things in the garbage, like:

 photo IMG_1189_zps85f35155.jpg

No excuse for wasting the last piece of cheese. I still eat dairy, in fact, I crave it! It just got lost in the back of the deli drawer. Bread on the other hand... I bought a loaf of french bread to have it with soup. Turned out it was sourdough, to the point that it left that nasty sour feeling in my mouth for most of the day, even after I brushed my teeth... At first, I thought it was just me but no, the boys felt the same way. And it want bad within just a couple of days, so I'm thinking there was something way off with the actual recipe... Yuck!

I also threw away a bit of taco meat and one cucumber that never made it to a picture because I simply forgot to take one. I'm afraid, I have more stuff hiding in the fridge but I won't know until I finally clean it...

And the lack of eating really jeopardizes my cooking abilities. The past few menus that I posted... well, let's just say, I failed more times than I want to admit... I was doing great all last week, actually cooking and eating most of it (minus meat) but today it's back to square one. So boys had cottage cheese mixed with apple sauce for dinner, hubby got leftovers, and I munched on a bit of beef jerky that surprisingly sounded good, a microwaved potato and a beet salad. Oh, and half of a watermelon... Almost... I know, a weird combination but I try to comfort myself that I got some protein, carbs and healthy produce in, so it's all good... Sigh... Now I'm sitting here battling terrible heartburn and hating life...

So this week there is no official menu... We'll probably grill chicken and zucchinis because, I know, we have some that need to be used up, I will make soup of some sort, and, maybe, rice with a stir-fry. But other than that, I have no desire to think about food. I've actually lost 5 pounds with this pregnancy and only gained back one. I know I'll start gaining and ballooning before I know it, so neither me, nor my doctor are concerned but I'm ready to start eating normally again.

And what are you eating this week (maybe, I'll get some inspiration from you :)?


  1. I practically lived on pudding and granny smith apples my 1st pregnancy I was so sick with morning sickness all day for 8 months. yuck.
    The other 2 pregnancies?...hardly any sickness.
    Let's hope things improve in that realm for you soon.
    And you are right to eat what your body is craving, no matter how odd. I still eat like a pregnant woman some times at 55. lol

    1. Yikes, I'm sorry the sickness lasted so long for you! Mine never went over 12 weeks before so it's a new zone for me but it seems like I'm slowly getting back to normal.

  2. It's like that with kids sometimes... my sister's oldest rarely eats, but when he finds something he feels like eating, you bet we will bend over backwards to get it and feed it to him! So eat as you feel better. Me personally, I'm stuck with Chinese this week, haha. Too much traveling, need to finish packing/moving (boo), so eating will definitely fall through the cracks until about next Sunday. How about some tomato soup and grilled cheese? Cant get much easier! I'm in a sandwich mood myself.

    1. Exactly :) And no-no-no, no tomato soup for this girl :) I can't stomach anything made with tomatoes. But I'm fine with just fresh ones. Go figure!

  3. Man... I've been in a cooking/menu planning rut lately too! Not because of my pregnancy {or not wanting to eat}... In fact, I don't really know why. I've got to get it together! Haha... Anyway. Hope you have a great week, dear friend!

  4. LIke slugmama, I too had morning sickness for many months with both kids. I went through an orange Popsicle phase and only white things--bread, crackers, chicken. That's all that I could stomach and for the most part, my husband had to bring the food to me because I couldn't stand to be in the kitchen.

    Cooking is not necessary at this point. I bet the boys were happy with cottage cheese and applesauce. They would probably like sandwiches and fruit and baby carrots at this point or whatever. When my mother was sick with me, my father cooked pancakes for supper every night for my two sisters. They all loved it. So do what you can to get buy and remember, "This too shall pass."


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