Thursday, August 21, 2014

A busy day...

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As the weeks pass by, it's getting harder and harder for me to keep up with the usual housework. So on the days when I feel a little extra energy, I try to take full advantage of it. I know, it might be a little boring to read my to-do list but I feel so accomplished today I had to boast a bit :)

1. I finally caught up with the laundry and ironing! I try to fold things right after they come out of the dryer. And yes, I love my dryer with the amount of stuff that I have to wash every week. Not frugal but keeps me sane... So about 80% of the stuff gets put away right away (which kids help me with as part of his chores) but the other 20% usually need to be ironed - mostly, skirts, dresses, dress shirts and khakis. Did I ever mention before how much I hate ironing khakis?? Ugh... But what can I do, that's the price for my love of Hubby looking all sharp for work... It took me weeks but I finally tackled the whole pile and I'm so proud of myself.

2. Cleaned the half-bath and a toilet in a full bath. Yes, just the toilet. Still pretty happy about it. That's the type of cleaning that's really getting harder and harder to do. But somebody has to do it. I asked Hubby yesterday to help me with scrubbing the tub... Sigh... Guess who will have to re-do it all? No, not me :) I will still keep trying to teach him how to do it :) I take bathroom cleaning one thing at a time right now and it works... most of the time...

3. Dishes and dinner. Well, that's one thing that I'm pretty good with but I had to mention it because I tried a new recipe and it was delish!! A bit time-consuming but so worth it. The kids actually ate all the mushrooms on their plates and that's a first for us...

4. Finished some work assignments and edited. I work a lot right now. Even more than I used to before. I try to pick up as many assignments as I can because my paycheck is what pays for all the babies' stuff we need. August was insanely expensive for us therefore I'm extremely grateful for any work that comes my way. I don't know how long I would be able to do it and even whether or not I will have the job after the babies arrive but I will keep working as long as I can.

5. Saved a box of strawberries from it's food waste destiny. I went through the fridge and cleaned it. The only thing that really needed to be dealt with was a box of strawberries. I cut them all up and froze for future snacks and smoothies. We've been doing quite a few smoothies (trying to use up stuff in the freezer) lately so they won't hang in there for long.

6. Dusted and washed the living room window. I haven't washed that window in so long, and the amount of sticky fingers all over were totally showing. It was screaming my name for weeks, and I finally got to it. Feeling so accomplished today :)

I've done a ton of other things but this list is getting a little too long :) I really want to lay down on the couch and stretch my legs right now but it feels good. Now keeping fingers crossed that I have the same energy back tomorrow :)

And how was your day??? What were you up to today?


  1. It's you blog and you can post whatever you like. You managed to accomplish quite a lot in a day, well done. I have a dryer but it rarely gets used. You have a lovely big garden why not use it during the summer to dry some of your washing and then finish it off in the dryer.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. Congratulations on what was indeed a busy and productive day.

  3. For now, use your dryer
    The. Pasta dish does sound good, I pinned it

  4. It's your blog, so write however much you wish. I had a friend write me and tell me my blog posts were too long. Oh well. She still reads.

    I only clean one thing in the bathroom. My back is getting worse, so I don't know how long I can keep it up.

  5. It sounds like you've experienced a little 'nesting' episode to me:) I'll never forget being immensely pregnant with my fourth child 16 years ago and did a whirlwind of cleaning jobs that day - everything from washing and changing sheets on all of the beds to defrosting my deep freeze. The house was spotless except for vacuuming, the one thing I did not do. The next day while at work my water broke (5 weeks early) and all I could say was 'I can't go to the hospital. I didn't vacuum...' over and over.

    (For the record, I also cleaned 'just the toilet' in my bathroom yesterday, and I don't have any good reason like you do for not taking care of the rest of the bathroom except laziness).

  6. If I could get half of that done in a day I would do a 2 day post!! Ha


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