Thursday, August 7, 2014

Feeling overwhelmed...

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In the past few days life has gone from crazy to insane... So many things popped up that my head is spinning. I do want you to know that nothing really bad happened. The babies are doing great and growing, and the pregnancy is still very manageable at 22 weeks (even though I already measure at 27 but I always get big when I'm pregnant). In fact, I canned 10 quarts of pickles two days ago, so see, I'm not lying :) And we are all doing good here...

But there are other things that occupy my mind all the time right now. First, we have some family relationships that are just crumbling down, and we don't know what to do about it. The worst thing is that our kids are in the middle of this big mess, and they are hurting but other family members just try to portray us as unkind and inconsiderate. The truth is we are trying and willing to help but nobody wants our help, and then blames us for not being supportive. It's very frustrating and I could never imagine it would go this far...

The second was the news I got yesterday about a new citizenship law back home in Russia. I mentioned before that even though I've been living in the US for almost nine years, I have never received American citizenship. Many people ask me why. Well, a small reason is money because it costs quite a bit and the only extra right it gives me is the right to vote (insert a chuckle here...). But a bigger reason was always the exact situation that is happening right now between the two countries. I'm not going to go into politics (other than the fact that Obama has no idea what he's talking about and is quite ignorant) but all of their sanctions on both sides only hurt regular people... The new law basically tells me that I need to register with the Russian government as somebody who lives outside of the country (it wouldn't make a difference if I had US citizenship because, technically, I would have dual citizenship since my Russian one would still be there...) within two months. At first, it sounded like I had to go back home to do it but it looks like I might be able to just write a letter but it will be a royal paper pain and, most likely, fines and stuff. Ugh... But if I don't do it, they could arrest me if I ever tried to enter the country. So yeah, I'm not a happy camper here...

The biggest headache though happened today when we got a certain medical bill. About a month ago my husband went for allergy testing for his esophagitis. The doctor's office is located in a small clinic but is a part of a huge hospital health system (the office is not located in the actual hospital though. Not even close!). So hubs spent about two hours in there been tortured - read, ninety pokes on his back with different allergens that itched like crazy for weeks after - and thought that a $35 co-pay was all we are going to pay.

Imagine our surprise when we get a bill today and realize that they charged us as if he had this procedure done in the actual hospital!! Apparently, when you go to a small clinic, you better check if they belong to a system and whether or not they are allowed to do that!! Because even after the insurance allowed amount and adjustments we still owe more than $800!!! For a doctor's visit! To say I'm pissed is to say nothing! My husband worked for a medical insurance company for 4 years, and it's a first for us!! Granted, we do have money set aside for medical bills, and because I'm pregnant with twins, we will meet our out-of-pocket maximum for this year anyway (the only consolation!) but I wasn't planning to pay for it right now and, really, I think, it's more a matter of principle! Has anything like that ever happened to you??

I just suddenly felt so tired.. It seems like every day it's a new thing, a major thing... This week cannot end soon enough... I know all of those things are fixable (well, at least, I hope they are) but sometimes life just becomes so overwhelming... Most of the time I'm trying to be a positive blogger, mainly because generally I'm a positive person but man, I feel drained tonight... Need some quiet positivity in my life...

Gonna go count my blessings...

Thank you all who keep our family in your prayers. I really do appreciate it!

Now I need to go and offer my own...

Hugs and good night to you, my lovelies! Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with a better outlook on life...


  1. Hang in there Lena! You have such a positive attitude in spite of all the curveballs being thrown at you. Hoping you have a fabulous weekend :)

  2. I am kind of going through the same problem with the allergy testing. I have excema and we are trying to figure out what is triggering it. All the doctors say get an allergy test done but everyone I talk to is telling me it's going to cost between $600-$800. Ugh, no thank you! I feel for you! That Is A Huge bill. You and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  3. Oh dear what an awful place to be in. I have no experience of your later two upheavals but as for the family on I would keep on saying that "you offered to help but it was refused so what more could you do?" The message might eventually be heard.
    Hope your little family can have a great weekend

  4. So sorry for all the "asides" that are causing you chaos. Hope it becomes a little easier for you.

  5. Even though I'm very glad to have it, dealing with medical insurance can be a pain (pun intended). I've spent all week working on a problem myself. Good luck.

    Also, I've been wondering if the current Russian tensions had been effecting you. Good luck with that situation also. Hopefully, after a good nights sleep, today looks brighter.

  6. Please call the doctor's office and your insurance and challenge the bill. Things get billed/coded incorrectly often. And if you do end up paying it at once - ask for a discount. Best of luck to you & your family!

  7. Obama just wants to be popular and doesn't have the experience to run our country. That policy really stinks for you. Its like they just want to know that you are a citizen living outside of their country. Good for you for canning pickles. My cukes are just starting.

  8. Oh Lena, I'm so sorry. I'm not sure about this whole immigration thing, but it would seem that you could obtain dual citizenship without it costing so much money if you've been married to a U.S. citizen and have kids here. Seems dumb, but that is yet another thing that needs fixed.
    So sorry about the medical bill. I would definitely fight it with your insurance company before you pay it. That just seems like bad paperwork on the part of the clinic. I doesn't hurt to try, right?

  9. Complain and fight make them reduce that bill. My dad had a heck of a time with his citizenship papers as I remember. They made him renounce his Swedish Title. Not the Swedes but the Americans. I guess we really are afraid of blue bloods. I hope you feel better. I am going to help you with that nursery, I am so excited! Get cracking, I want to make curtains, bed ruffles, quilts, diaper holders, you name it!.... I can really duplicate anything.

  10. I am so sorry you are dealing with all of these issues. Sending prayers for good answers to all of these issues for you! *HUGS*

  11. You have been under a lot of stress lately. Sorry about the tensions between our two countries. As a citizen, I surely don't agree with many of Obama's policies. I hear you on the insurance problems too...I am getting ready to file my second appeal.
    I hope that your husband is feeling better, and I hope that today is a better day for you. Sending hugs and prayers.

  12. Lena I'm sorry you are dealing with so much right now. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.

  13. As of today I have decided to no longer follow your blog. I wish you all the best in the future for you and your family. Unfortunately your comments in your 2nd paragraph and some of the comments by others have brought me to this decision. These are my reasons:- I'm married to a Dutch man and when I lived in The Netherlands I thought it important to become a citizen and enjoy the rights that gave me. Voting is a very important right/privilege and it should not be taken lightly as you seem to. If you and others don't like Obama then vote. When we came back to Australia to live my husband became an Aussie so he could vote and have a say in his future. There are countries in this world where people have struggled and died to have a vote in their futures. As you can probably tell we are still very sad in our house as nearly 240 Aussies and Dutch were among the nearly 300 killed by REBELS backed by Moscow. It is very hard to watch the scenes of devastation and know that your fellow countrymen are being left in some field in a land far from home for days. The worse part was that they were used as political pawns Sanctions are needed to prove to Vlad that he can not just bully his way into another country. If ordinary Russians are feeling the pain of sanctions then maybe they should be looking at the Kremlin as they are still finding money to spend on weapons. By the way Vlad has just made it worse for Russia as he imposed import bans on fresh food and meat from several countries 2 days ago. Guess where? Australia, The EU, USA, Canada and Norway. Vlad's strongest critics. Christeen

    1. Wow, I'm sorry Christeen that you feel this way. It's definitely your right not to follow my blog. After all, I write about my own feelings and beliefs. It's unfortunate to me that you base your knowledge about my country on what you hear on the local news instead of doing a thorough research. My mother was born in Ukraine and spent a good chunk of her childhood there, my Grandpa was a Ukrainian through and through. I love this country with all my heart as I love the country of my birth. I'm not Putin's supporter by any means but saying that he's behind everything is a political propaganda that you get, again, from your own politicians that you voted for. I personally know Ukranian people from both sides of the barricades, and it hurts me that brothers and sisters fight each other but lots of them do it because they believe in it! They are passionate about their rights and their country the way they see it. You would be too if you would hear shooting under your window at nights. I know what happened there with the airplane is devastating and sad, and my heart brakes for the families of the victims but the plane was flying over a war zone, and the investigation is not even over yet. Believe me, what's happening in Ukraine is very personal to me because I'm talking family members and friends, and I do care about the innocent who suffer on all of the sides.

      And as for not becoming a citizen, the reason why I made this choice in the first place - and why my American husband stood by me - was the possibility of the cold war again, and as we can all see, it is more real now than ever. I did not want to risk not to be able to go and see my loved ones back home, especially now that my mother is fighting cancer! To me, all the other "privileges" lose it's color or importance in comparison. I'm sorry, Christeen, that the first time you left a comment was a result of your personal hurt but I assure you, I don't take the situation blindly or ignorantly because it's a lot more personal for me than it is even for you, I assume. And that is the reason why I don't want to talk politics here. I wish you all the best in your life too.

  14. Oh, I've had weeks like that! This will pass, it all will. I'm glad you will be counting your blessings because I know that's the only thing that gets me through those weeks (that seem to run into weeks and weeks sometimes). Glad to get an update on those babies doing well :)


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  16. Don't let comments, bills, or anything else get you down. Count your blessings, and know that God never gives us more than we can handle. The rest let roll off you like water off a ducks back! -Jen

  17. Hi Lena,
    I enjoy your blog and have never commented before. I hope you are feeling better now. I'm sure counting your blessings helped a lot.
    Praying for you,
    Jo Ann


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