Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Double challenge update, week 1, part 2

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    I never got to post the results of my de-cluttering part of Carla's challenge yesterday. So here it goes today. I don't really have much to show  because this week was pretty busy with my parents here. But I did donate some cloth and stuff to our local thrift store. I was thinking about cleaning our closet but then I remembered that we will have a Church clothing swap some time in summer, so I'll probably wait until then. But I did clean my sock drawer.

   As you can see, it really needed help...I usually keep socks, nylons, tights, dress slips there. So I dumped everything out and put  in  2 storage boxes that I got from IKEA in a clearance department last year. They were 99 c each, and they work great for our drawers ( I have two more my Hubby's sock drawer too!)

 Then I organized and put everything in. I got rid of bunch socks with no pairs and ripped nylons. But I still was surprised how many pairs of nylons I have!! I definitely don't need to buy any for a while

   Can you see my beautiful striped black and orange tights that I used for Halloween a couple of years ago? LOVE them (for Halloween only, obviously:) Or, and here is the picture of the stuff we took to the thrift store.

   We donated some T-shirts, Hubby's pants that were too small, a purse, couple of wooden plagues. So 7 things total. And I have no idea how to count all the stuff I got rid of when I cleaned a sock drawer, so I will just count it as 1. So so far this month I de-cluttered 8 things(OK, this number is just sad...)

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