Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little questionnaire

Pin It Jessie at Confessions of a Resolutionist tagged me in a fun questionnaire. So I decided to answer her questions and spread some love. This way we will all get to know each other a little better.

So here are the rules:

#1 - Post these rules.
#2 - Answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you. 
#3 - Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
#4 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
#5 - Let them know that you tagged them.

And these are my answers to Jessie's questions:

1)Where is someplace you have always wanted to visit?
I always wanted to visit Israel. My parents went there couple of years ago, and there were amazed how different this country is from what they show to the tourists and what it really looks like, torn by war and built by humility in so many ways. I believe in Christ, and I always wanted to see his birthplace and special places in His life.

2.) How would you have classified yourself in high school? (geek, jock, band nerd, etc) 
I was neither. I was always somewhere in between. Schools in Russia are a little different. We have small classes (about 30 people in each, usually 4-5 classes in each age group), and usually we all start together from the 1st grade all the way to  the 11th (last school grade in my country). We don't really do sports in schools, hence we don't have cheerleaders or marching band or anything like that. It's all extra curricular activities that people usually do on their own. At least, that's how it works in most of the small  or medium towns (like my hometown). But they did teach us the basics of variety of things, and allowed us to develop it later outside of school. I was a straight A student and learned math, physics, literature, geography. You name it. But I also learned how to sew a simple skirt, how to bake a bread, to read simple notes in music, how to do my push-ups or run a mile (still hate it...), how to ski or shoot a rifle. Was I a geek? For the most part, I guess. Yet, it didn't stop me from dating 4 boys at the same time (sheesh...I was 17 back then :))

3.) What would you want served for your last dinner? 
Hmm...that's a hard one. Probably, my mom's cooking. Doesn't really matter what. She's a great cook! Or Indian food. Love me some Indian curry!

4.) Do you get sick often? 
More now than before. I usually get those little annoying colds here and there. I think, it's just stress and lack of sleep that really weakened my body. But I try to sleep better now (tell it to my little one!!) and take my vitamins. And relax when I can, of course (what am I talking about??...)

5.) If you could live next-door to anyone alive or dead, who would you want to live next to? 
My Mom!! Until my parents came to visit last week, I didn't realize HOW MUCH I missed spending time with my Mom and doing simple things together like cooking, going shopping or just chatting for hours at a time. I don't think, I could live with my parents all the time but having them closer would be really great.

6.) Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? 
Ever since I gained  20 pounds after having my second one, I generally hate shopping for clothes. But I used to like Kohls, Gap and Old Navy. I can live in jeans pretty much 90% of my life but I do own quite a few cute skirts and dresses.

7.) What are your hobbies? 
Blogging :) It's a new one on my list! And I love knitting, crocheting, embroidering but don't do it nearly as often as I would love too. The last thing I made was a hat and a scarf for my little niece for Christmas. Or, and I do make diaper cakes!! That is my little passion.

8.) What is your favorite place in your house? 
Bathroom. Isn't it pathetic?? But it's the only place where I can hide from the world for 10 minutes and read a book.

9.) Do you have any pets?  
Not at the moment. I'm a dog person, and we always had dogs growing up but right now, between 4 children, I just can't handle adding a pet to our family. Plus we simply can't afford vet bills too. But I'm hoping to add a little puppy to our family in the next few years.

10.) What is your favorite genre to read?
Mystery. I grew up on Agatha Christie. Nobody can compare to her! And I'm always on a lookout for a good mystery novel.

11.) If you could choose only one TV show to watch during the week, which one would you choose?
I can't even think of any. We don't have cable, and in those few channels that we still owe, there is really nothing to single out. Castle, maybe? :) 
And these are my questions to you:

1.When did you start blogging and why?
2.What was the last thing that you bought that you wish you didn't?
3.What is your most precious childhood memory?
4. What is your favorite color and why?
5. What was your best date with your significant other?
6.What do you consider your biggest achievement in life?
7.Are you a loner or would you rather be in a crowd?
8.What was the best meal you've ever had?
9.If you were granted 3 wishes from a genie, what would you ask for?
10.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
11. Who is your best friend?

And these are the people I decided to tag:
Debbie at Nanny's place
Annmarie at Momto8blog
Cherish at Brownies and onion dip  
Michelle at Making Sense of Cents
Carlye at Simpifying life 
 Amy at Pounds4Pennies
Free! at Pay the bills or feed the kids (if you can find some time in your busy schedule :)
Gill at That British Woman 

And also Matt, Amy B and Sarah. I would love to tag them  but they are private( but I just want to read their answers. Naughty me..:)


  1. Wow thanks for tagging me.
    1. I started blogging in March to try to make a little extra money to pay the groceries, so far no money, but some cool free stuff.
    2. Chili with beans :)
    3. Spending time with my Grandma. She died young and I cherish every moment I had with her.
    4. Pink, It's girly
    5. The night he proposed. It was magical.
    6. My children. But the job is not done yet.
    7. I like my alone time, but I like to be around people too.
    8. I don't remember exactly what I ate, but we were at Jaspers in Plano.
    9. World Peace, healthy family & a million dollars tax free
    10. China or India. I have friends there I would love to visit.
    11. Cristal

    1. Thanks for letting me know a bit more about you! I enjoy your blog!!

  2. great answers and thanks for nominating me, not sure when I'll be able to do my answers as I already have posts planned for the next few days.

    Gill in Canada

    1. Oh, no worries, Gill. I usually plan my blogging week ahead of time too :)

  3. OK, my post is done, hope it worked, thing was acting funny tonight

  4. Lena, nice to read your blog & I LOVE the diaper cakes ! Amazing and so cute.


  5. So fun! I loved reading about education in Russia, I think that's so interesting,

  6. This is a great meme! I was tagged by Debby, and I have responses set to publish later tonight. It was great to read your responses :)

  7. This is so fun. I think Israel would be great to visit as well. My brother and sil were recently in Turkey which I think would also be very neat to see. Well anywhere that Christ or the disciples went would be pretty neat.


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