Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Double challenge update, week 1, part 1

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    I finally got all my numbers together for a No Spending part of Carla's double challenge. I'll post my de-cluttering progress later tonight (there is not much to post though).
Anyway, February, week 1:
This week was actually pretty good for us. We did get a medical bill though that was $300 more than I thought it would be (Medical bills are not part of a challenge but I'm still not happy about. It should get a little less though because they promised to give us a 25% discount but it wasn't applied to the bill). Other than that, these are my numbers for a week:

Feb 1st- I went to Walmart and Harmons to pick up some groceries before my parents came,total spent $41.65 out of my Grocery budget. Also my Hubby took a friend out to grab a bite. His friend is going through really tough times right now, and he just needed some support. Total spent: $10.67 for sandwiches (eating out budget) and $3 for parking( it was a University area, and now that my Hubby is not a student any more, they charge him to park there!!- came out of our misc. budget)

Feb.2nd -  Hubby Spent $3 for an airport parking (misc) when he picked up my parents. Also got some flowers for their room, $5.60 (came out of our Grocery budget), and paid $39 for our water bill (it was the same as last month, so no savings there). My Hubby also bought gas but it's not part of a challenge

Feb 3rd-No spend day! Wohoo!!

Feb 4th-  Spent $1.46 on grapes at Walmart( grocery budget).We also got a winter jacket for my Older boy for next winter but it turned out to be fitting him right now, so we returned it.

Feb 5th- No spend day!

Feb 6th-We returned a vase that we got around Christmas and used that money to buy some groceries( Tylenol, pickles, tomato juice and  a pack of canning lids, clearanced to $1). I actually have $1 left to spend on groceries from this return.

Feb 7th- Nothing spent so far but my parents want to go to some Thrift stores tonight (can't you see where I've learned to be frugal? :)) and I ALWAYS find something at thrift stores, so I might have a little misc. spending tonight.

   On a good note, I got $45 back from beer rebates this week ( I did tons in December) and $15 from Rice Krispies settlement. I'm not sure yet if I want to apply this money towards the trampoline or just save them for summer when I buy more local produce for canning and will probably be over my Grocery budget anyway. I also got $71 back from my sister for cell phones (we added their lines to our cell phones and helped them to buy a new phone). It was for November and December, and I honestly completely forgot that she never paid me. Because it was from last year, I already started a new yearly budget, so we decided to just put this money towards the challenge which brings me REALLY close to my February goal of $100. Let's just keep fingers crossed that other bills will not get any higher because they are a part of a challenge too.

   I also got $200 for my Birthday from Grandma, and I'm not sure how to use it. I don't want to put it towards any bills or car, or anything like. I could definitely blow it on something I want( like new clothes, or pressure cooker, or dutch oven). But I feel a little guilty to spend it all on myself. I was also thinking to maybe use it towards a little vacation this summer. What do you think?


  1. Pressure cooker and dutch oven are both for the family!!! How about this, Grandma sent the $$ for a gift for YOU!!! Buy one of the items you want for the kitchen, a little something for yourself and stash some cash for a mini vacation later in the year

  2. What a generous grandma! I say spend at least half on yourself (something you really, really want and can't justify spending family money on) and put the rest away for vacation - you'll enjoy that just as much as your family.

  3. Yay for 2 no-spend days! Boo for medical bills!
    I have some fun on my blog for you... I tagged you in a question/answer post. Feel free to enjoy and participate.


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