Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Menu, week 2/6-2/12

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Crockpot butter chicken from last week.It actually turned out pretty good . I'll try
                                              to post the recipe soon.

  I completely forgot to post our menu yesterday. It might change any moment with different things popping up. We have some eating out planned and different get together lunches or dinners with friends and family. But it's the best I could do so far:

Mon.- Borscht (Russian beet soup-sounds scary but it's actually delicious), homemade bread

Tues. -pasta with Marinara sauce, salad

Wed.-going out with my Father-in-law (?)

Thurs.-bean and beef burritos, steamed veggies

Fr.-breakfast for dinner

Sat.-lunch out with friends, leftovers

Sun.-My Birthday party!! Russian food-lots of it!!


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