Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shopping trips this week...oh, a disaster!!

Pin It Most of the people don't shop when they are sick. Apparently, not us!!! I swear, we went to every grocery store in the area this week. There is no way I could make pictures of my every shopping trip, so I only we'll post a couple.

My big Smiths shopping trip. We still had some discount from filling the prescription there, so we used this money to cover some of our expences. Some highlights of this trip:
4 Activia -49c ea after 50c sale discount and $1 coupon
2 Van de Kamps fish items- $2.99 after $1 coupon
2 packs of diapers- $5.99 ea after 50c sale discount and $3 peelies (from big boxes, my friend sent me a couple)
 2 Lays chips(for future family get togethers)- $1.99 ea after 50c discount- I forgot a coupon for it at home but I will send my receipt for $4 back via beer MIR for $4/$4 on Salty snacks, so they will be free anyway.
Breyers ice-cream-$1.99 after $1 e-coupon.
Medium eggs-85c!!! No coupons used, that's their usual price, apparently. Even large eggs are only $1.10!! Now I know where I'm getting all my Easter eggs.

Anyway, total items purchased: 33
Total spent: $21.07 (after prescription discount, sales and coupons)
Total saved: $93.55!!- and will get $4 back after rebate
Coupons used: 16 (including 1 e-coupon)

I have another picture for you. This was my Winco trip. I got just a few items:
 I love bulk area at Winco! I got some couscous, quinoa, old fashioned onions and onion powder. I really wanted to get some turmeric but they were out. I also got Parmesan for $1.78 and 1 cucumber for 49c. I didn't use any coupons but even without the use of coupons, I feel I still get great deals at Winco. Their spices' prices in bulk are unbeatable!!

Total spent : $5.99

I was also in Harmons at the beginning of the week for some more frozen veggies (75c  steamfresh ones after sale and coupon), Smiths( 3 California pizzas, I'll tell you more about this particular purchase next week. You'll see why...) and bunch of trips to Walmart for gas drops, pedialyte, apples, more apples and some other fruits and veggies, 3 packs Bar-S bacon for $1.99!! (price-matched to Kmart) and zillion more little things that are supposed to help you better when everyone is sick in the household.

So total spent between all these trips: $43.86
Total saved: $15.60
Coupons used: 6

 Total spent this month: $191.97
  Total saved: $238.95 (plus I will get $6.97 in rebates)
  Left to spend this month: $58.03
 YTD spending: $685.58
  YTD savings: $497.92
  YTD coupons used : 104
  YTD waste: $27.18 

Ouch, we have just a little over $50 left in our food budget! That will be tough...But at least, we have plenty of food. But that Smith prescription discount really helped...


  1. Wow! You are good. I went to Smith's this week too, but I didn't get any of the same stuff you did. I shopped the sales though, and I used a lot of coupons. Of course, I spent way more because I have 6 kids and I have to buy everything gluten-free, but I did okay for me.

    1. GF diet is really expensive! But hey, you got healthier stuff than I did :)

  2. Holy Cow thats some great savings!! Hope everyone is on the mend

  3. I really love Winco's bulk section. I'm not so crazy about the change the 5600 W location made in their spices though, how you open the container and scoop out. It seemed to have less cross-contamination (and possibility of germs) when it was the the pull-handle-spout like most other things have. Oh well. I love that I can get a lot of basil for 9 cents. :D And I always buy Parmesan there now, because it's cheap.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the spices!! The last time I was in Winco was before Christmas. I usually go there when they send those awesome coupons out :) But I was disappointed too with this change :(

  4. You seem to be pretty stocked up so with $50 left I think you will be just fine.

    You also made some crazy savings there. That's really awesome.

    1. Thank you! I really hope,I can make these last $50 last.

  5. I love Winco for their deli roast beef. Yum! My kids always love that I let them pick out their own bag of treats and it only costs me 20 cents per kid, max. And we pick up treats for the dog too. I always plan to make a stop after I pick up the Cub Scouts awards at the scout store.

    1. I've never tried their deli roast! I love their cream cakes (read-big sigh...).They are so good and remind me so much of home...


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