Monday, March 19, 2012

Sicky family continues...And a menu for this week. Yum!!

Pin It  Ugh, why is it always like this?? When it rains, it pours....As soon as we got over stomach flu, Baby got something else. He started coughing randomly Friday night, and it lasted through the weekend. But today he woke up with a fever. He's pretty miserable...I made some homemade cough syrup, gave him baby Tylenol to knock off a fever, cut bunch of onions and put it in the bowl in his room. He seems to be doing a little better but we might still go to the doctor tomorrow...Sigh...

 Oh well, lets talk about something more fun. Our menu for this week. I'm slowly working on going though my fridge and freezer, and deep freezer. I'' post my food waste a little later today (I do have some, unfortunately).
Actually, last night I spent a couple of hours going through different recipes that I pinned on Pinterest. I have about 250 recipes that I liked there, and surprisingly enough, I only tried about 10 of them!! So this week I have a mini-challenge for myself to try at least 5 different recipes (could be tweaked a little to fit our taste or what we have at home). I'll let you know the results. So here's my menu for this week (the names are actually links, if you want to try them too). These are actually fairly easy recipes which is helpful with a sick child:

                    Spark People spinach lasagna from last week. So good!!

Mon.- Roasted Red Potatoes with Bacon & Cheese (need to use up some potatoes, and will add real bacon), steamed broccoli
Tues.- Honey Garlic pork chops, Summer vegetable gratin (will use dried oregano)
Wed.-  Easy Chicken Enchiladas (I will cut amount of chicken and cream cheese in half-that's just all I have), salad
Thurs.- Coconut shrimps (from a box.) with Bajio sweet rice,
Fr.- Probably, go out. We will do our taxes this day, and the whole day will be crazy
Sat.- Grilled sandwiches, salad.
Sun.-Pasta with Alfredo Light sauce (will add some ham and broccoli, or spinach)/possible dinner with a family


  1. Poor baby - you sure have had your hands full this past week! Love the idea of tweaking the recipes to fit what you have on hand - very frugal!

  2. Hope baby gets to be feeling better soon! Good luck with trying out your new recipes, finding a new family favorite is always so exciting.

  3. poor thing - I hope he feels better soon!!!

  4. I'm so sorry your baby is sick, Lena! I hope the downpour blows over soon. We're still sick here, too. If it's not one thing, it's another! Well, at least they're building immunity, right? I'm trying to think of anything positive right now. Do you make soups or smoothies for your sick children? I've started doing that, and it's helping with the lethargy.

    1. They don't really like smoothies.What soups do you make? Baby is not interested in food at all right now.He just eats a bit of applesauce and Cheerios really. I did make onion and honey cough syrup, and it seems to help. But I do hope, they build some immunity, and it's the last cold of the season for us!!

  5. Interesting menu and challenge you have you there. I hope the baby is feeling better well before a doctor is needed.

  6. Hope the little one is better. Food looks good.

  7. Sorry you are still dealing with illness; yuck.
    On a more positive note, your photo is so pretty that it is making me hungry!


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