Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Inspire Me Sundays

Pin It     I was thinking a lot about it and I decided that I'm not going to post anything frugal or anything about money or crafts at all on Sundays. Sunday is a day of rest and spiritual worship for my family. So I think at least this year I will instead post a quote that inspires me. And if you have any quotes or stories that inspire you, please send them all my way and you might be featured in the upcoming posts.
I'm calling these posts "The Inspire Me Sundays".

   There is one quote that I really like and wanted to share with you. The problem is I don't know who the real author is. Some people attribute it to Vince Lombardi, others to Vidal Sassoon ("the hair guy"). There are even people who think that it belongs to Mark Twain. But whoever said it, it's brilliant:

  "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary"

   Love it! What do you consider your most successful achievement in life? Did you have to work hard for it?


  1. My most successful achievement was homeschooling two kids (4 years apart). And yes, it was hard work! Day in, day out, planning and executing! But sooo rewarding:)

    1. This is a real achievement! I can imagine that it wasn't easy!

  2. My biggest achievement in life was bringing up our DD's, giving them and education as seeing them leave home to start their own lives and now families. Yep LOTS of hard work, a few tears along the way but best of all I have the laugh lines to prove it!!!

  3. My biggest achievement in life was being a single Mom, holding down a job and paying a mortgage along with all the regular extras to pay. Happy to be now grounded with my hubby as my best friend, children and grandchildren who make it all worth it. (PS Rob cleans them & eats the radishes "raw" with salt. I used them in coleslaw sometimes)

  4. Love the quote!
    Achievements ..... there have been many in my life and some very big ones but lets focus on little ones which were big ones at the time for me.
    -driving my car down into an underground parking lot (I don't do underground closed in spaces!!!)
    - standing up in front of 600 parents to speak (I am/was timid)
    - speaking a second language
    - running my own business
    - travelling on my own to central Australia via Spain,London,Hong Kong,Sydney,Dubbo and finally Gilgandra-a 4 day journey.
    - being able to cook considering I dislike cooking
    and more Lena

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)


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