Monday, November 5, 2012

Food waste Monday and a menu, week 11/5-11/11

Pin It    Hello, everyone! How is your Monday?

   We spent the whole day with my family. Unfortunately, two days in a row I forget to put the memory card in my camera when I take it with me...Seriously, twice in a row...I think tomorrow I will follow my kids and my parents everywhere :)

   One thing I learned last week is how much I love menus...I didn't create one last Monday, and we ate out 3 times! I do have an excuse because I had a very sick baby but we almost depleted our Eating Out budget, and it's only the 5th of the month. So no more! Well, other than our Anniversary celebration this weekend but this is part of a different budget and doesn't count. Otherwise, I'm back to menu planning.

   On the other hand, we had very little food waste - the only thing that went bad is a bit of cilantro that I wanted to use to make some salsa but never got to it.

And this week we are eating:

Mon.- leftovers from Sunday
Tues.- crock pot ranch chicken, pasta and broccoli
Wed.- rice and beans
Thurs.- breakfast for dinner (bacon, eggs, waffles)
Fr.- Anniversary dinner
Sat.- leftover chicken and pasta
Sun.- some sort of soup(TBD)

Anything yummy on your menu this week? Share some recipes and links.

And just to finish on a fun note about food, how about this, mentioned on a huge, person-size poster  of a hot dog in IKEA (sorry for a blurry cell phone picture):




  1. I can never seem to make it through a bunch of cilantro before it goes bad. Good for you if you only had a little.

  2. Thats a heck of a hot dog! Ha You are so right about a menu plan. With little ones in the house it is a real must. When the grands are here supper time seems to sneek up on me. Happy almost Annv!!!!!

  3. not actual size, LOL. We rarely eat out. We are 12 miles from the nearest town (and once I am home I like to stay home) so its really impractical. I tend to rely on frozen pizzas, which are terrible for my waistline!

  4. Our anniversary is this week too! Congrats!

  5. Happy anniversary! And that 'poster' is hilarious! :)


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