Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Inspire Me Sundays...And an unexpected surprise!

Pin It              Hello, my dear friends,

How's your weekend going? I'm still pretty sick. I have had a terrible headache and body aches the past couple of days too, so I might end up going to the doctor tomorrow. I was really trying to avoid it...Oh, we'll see (insert a big sigh here mixed with a heavy cough...)

Kids seem to be doing a little better. My 6-year old has been talking non-stop all day which is definitely a sign of things improving. The little one still has a runny nose of all shades of yellow (sorry :) I know it's gross...) but overall they seem to have a lot more energy than the last few days. Can't say the same about me...But it's a well-known fact that kids suck energy out of their parent, right?

But today I got a little...well, a big surprise phone call. It was around one when my phone rang. I picked it up and didn't recognize the number. I almost didn't respond. But after a second of hesitation I bit the bullet. And it turned out I did the right thing! Because the person on the other line was none other than dear Cindy!!!! Oh, what a pleasant surprise it was to have the opportunity to chat with her! She's a sweetheart! And she definitely made my day today!

I was thinking of writing something inspiring instead I stumbled upon this funny strip that I had to share with you:

Those of you who have kids and grand-kids, you understand! And those of you who are yet to become parents...well, BEWARE!! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Sorry you're sick Lena - I'm glad the kids are a little better though :)

  2. oh the dreaded yellow snot, LOL. I have three kids, so been there. I love the little cartoons, very funny. Hope you feel better real soon!


  3. Hope you are better soon! I think the kids took all of your healthy, they tend to do that. Hopefully, now that they are on the mend, you can focus on you!

    Love the comic!


  4. It's always great to catch up with a friend. I hope for a little while she helped you forget about your aches and pains.

  5. Get better sooner then later as you are being thought about xx . Love the comic strip ... I will have to tell my baby boy about it, you know my 29 year old baby boy? Ha !!!!

  6. What a wonderful surprise!! A trip to the Dr might be just the thing. Now that the little ones feel better you will need to be back at 100%. Feel better soon!

  7. Hope you're felling better soon. Had Cindy on the phone to me the other day as well. Should write about it in a post as it was a funny conversation........


  8. hope you are better.,,always stinks being sick!!!
    those comics are really funny...I suppose because I understand them so well!!!
    stay well!


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