Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pantry makeover reveal!!

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   I'm so excited to finally show you what we did with our mess of a pantry that I posted about HERE. I know it was BAD...But not any more. I sure am proud of what we did with this place.
I promise you, I wasn't crazy doing it while sick. I started it last week when I was still OK and I had to finish because my kitchen looked like it was hit by a storm...

   First, I got everything out and cleaned it using my two favorite cleaners- soda and vinegar. I cleaned it three times until I was satisfied:


I was debating if I should paint it but then decided against it. I kind of like it clean and white.

So are you ready for a sneak peak??

How about a before picture:


And after:


Aww...much better! Now a little break-down at what I did. First, I put all of the jars I canned this year on the top shelf:


Yum!! :) Then I added these awesome P.E.T. approved storage canisters:



I got an absolutely amazing deal on these canisters! They are usually $2-3+ in Walmart but I found mine in the classifieds for a lot cheaper. This guy used to have a business but closed up and was selling out his stock. I got all of these containers (20 total: 8 gallon size, 12 half-gallon) for $7!! Oh, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the price. They were all brand-new still in sealed boxes from the manufacturer. I made some simple tags to go on them.

Then I added a Lazy Susan for oils, vinegars and some sauces:


It's silly but I ALWAYS wanted one. I bought it from Walmart for about $13. I actually should've waited to get it from IKEA for $8. But I didn't know back then and I already removed all the tags. Oh well...I still love it!

On the bottom I added two wooden crates for snacks and baking supplies:


I bought one of these crates in Michaels for $8 after a 40% coupon, and then my parents got another one for me when they were shopping (free!) We keep baking mixes, honey and nuts in one, and crackers, tortilla chips, cookies. etc. in another. We usually don't have that many tortilla chips but I stumbled upon a clearance with bags for 30c each. So I stocked up. I really like them with some homemade salsa.

Another thing we added was this cool wooden bucket that I got for only $2 from DI (local thrift store):


I love it's rustic old look. We keep random things there like fruit snacks, granola bars, nut snacks etc. etc.

And last but not least is my very simple solution for storing grocery bags ( we use them for recycling garbage):


I made it a couple of years ago. It's pretty simple - I just cut a rectangular piece of fabric, sewn it on the side and put elastic on the top and the bottom leaving holes for putting bags in and getting them out. A very simple solution but we like it a lot.

So here it is - my finished pantry. I'm so happy with how it turned out. And by shopping around, checking thrift stores, classifieds, using coupons and thanks to my parents' generosity it only cost us $30!! That's my kind of project :)

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  1. Brilliant. So neat and tidy.

  2. Come on up and do my Pantry please? Wonderful job it is so organized and accessible. Fantastic deals on putting it together too. Another great project put together by Lena !

    1. Oh, I'd love to! I just wish you would live a little bit closer :)

  3. Go you!!!! What great deals you got on all of the containers. I know you must be so proud when you open the door of the pantry now. Holiday baking will be so much easier!

    1. Oh, I can't open it without a smile. Is it wrong to smile at the pantry? :) And I love how easily accessible everything is.

  4. Looks great. I always get great satisfaction from organizing something and it sounds like you do too.

  5. It looks brilliant Lena.

    PS. I need a lazy susan!

    1. Oh, I love my lazy susan! It's so much easier now!

  6. Very cool idea! How did you get the black on the bins? Is that Chalkboard paint? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Amy! Yes, these are chalkboard paint tags.

  7. Lena, you did great! I like it very much.
    How nice that you got such a good deal on so many pretty jars, you will use those for years I think.

    happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. well done that looks great. Love the jars and all the organizational stuff.


  9. That looks great, Lena. That wooden bucket looks like the one we had on our old ice cream maker.

  10. Your pantry now looks fantastic. Great job. You know my pantry is in need of some assistance ... just saying ;)

  11. I love the lazy susan for the oils and such! It looks great. Organization makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, lol.

  12. Great deal on those storage containers and they really make your pantry look neatly organized too. Thanks for linking!

  13. Wow, this looks terrific. Great transformation, Lena Thanks for sharing at Tasty Thursdays. The party is live again. http://mandatorymooch.blogspot.com/2012/11/tasty-thursdays-19.html
    Thanks, Nichi

  14. Your pantry is so organized. You were lucky with your $7 purchases.


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