Saturday, December 1, 2012

A gift I really really wanted this year...

Pin It              Now I got all of you intrigued, right? :) Well, there was one thing I wanted to do before Christmas. I'll give you a hint. In the past two days our kitchen looked like this:


(Sorry for the dark picture. As you can see, I took it right before somebody's bedtime :)

And even though the kitchen is the center of the house and all that, I don't think I'm ready for a couch in there...You, probably already guessed what happened.

And you are right! Good bye, to the old purple-ish carpet...


Oh, I wish the picture could show the real color. I promise, it wasn't brown. It was PURPLE!

And say "hello" to the new pretty, neutral color:


And a closer look:


 I love it!! And I almost didn't get it this year (which would be OK but I really wanted it). You, probably, remember that we were saving the money I made with translating for new carpet. We saved a little over $600. But when we started getting quotes, we realized we needed at least $200 more. We felt $800 for an 12x15 room was a little steep, so we decided to sit on it until next year.

And then our friends got new carpet...with a self-contractor guy...For 3 times cheaper than your big-box stores. We were a little skeptical at first but when we went to see their house, we liked it and thought it would be worth it to get a quote from this guy. He brought us a few samples, and after we chose what we liked, he quoted us...dum dum dum...$410! And this price included new carpet with a very nice pad, and the old carpet removal and haul. It was half the price of the lowest quote we received, and $200 savings for us to use somewhere else.

And that's how I got a gift I really wanted and for a nice price...

Now I better go move some furniture around...


  1. Excellent!
    You see how a little competition brings down prices?lol
    And you supported an entrepreneur/small business person instead of a big box store. ;-)

    So happy for both your budget and YOU!

  2. Congratulations!!!! And such a good price to you really can't beat it!

  3. fantastic and well done. You must be so happy.
    Your new carpet looks very nice and cosy. Bet you can't stop walking on it in your bare feet.

  4. Lena, I am thrilled to death for you !!! That will make your whole year for you!!! Would ya send him up here to get rid of the yechy green carpet in our bedroom and the still pink on our lower stair case please. We have bought new carpet for the stairs, just waiting on someone to install it some year...

  5. Congratulations! I know that is something you really wanted. It looks great.

  6. YAAAA for you!!!! Congrats on such a great deal. It would be hard to decorate around purple carpet for sure! Ha

  7. Happy day! That's a great Christmas present.

  8. It looks great and what a nice deal you got on the price!

  9. Very pretty, so nice to be able to save so much is a bonus!

  10. Hooray for an affordable deal!

  11. Looks amazing. Congrats on the great deal!!!

  12. So beautiful! And the savings; even better!!

  13. Fantastic! The carpet looks lovely and it's great that you got it at such a reduced price. I have realized that it really does pay to be patient :)


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