Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Inspire Me Sundays...25 days of Christmas!

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   Now it really starts to feel like Christmas on my side of the world (even though it's raining outside tonight...) Do you have snow where you live? We've been listening to holiday music all week and now my two-year old walks around singing "Purum pum pum pum..." ALL THE TIME!

   Last year we tried doing 25 days of Christmas. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again this year. Because our kids are still small, we will mix fun with some more season appropriate activities like helping others and serving. So this what our list looks like so far:

Dec 1st - Gingerbread house festival
2nd - decorate the tree (see above)
3rd- decorate the rest of the house
4th- put up Xmas lights outside
5th- pick out a toy from among their own to donate to DI
6th-  decorate a Gingerbread house
7th- Finish and mail all the Christmas cards
8th- Church Xmas brunch/ Xmas dinner with my best friend
9th- cut out snowflakes with the kids
10th- watch a Nativity DVD together
11th- ride the train in the mall
12th- make a Christmas card for a teacher
13th- food bank donation
14th- watch Christmas show together
15th- build a fort in the living room and read a Christmas book inside
16th- Christmas lights downtown on Temple Square
17th- learn about the symbols of Christmas
18th- Road Home, take a donation for homeless families
19th- unwrap a new book and read it together
20th – bake cookies
21st – deliver cookies/gifts to friends and neighbors
22nd- take cookies to a widow
23rd- house hunt to find the best decorated house and leave a plate of cookies on the porch for them
24th- Read Luke 2/ unwrap new jammies
25th- open gifts/ Yummy breakfast/ Xmas party with family. Have fun together!!

I realize we might not be able to do every single one of these things or we might have to combine/substitute some but we just want to spend a little more time together and have something for kids to look forward to every day and do things that they will remember as they grow older. We will hide a little note for each day in our advent calendar:


It's a fun house that somebody gave our family a few years ago. I will definitely post everything that will be worth posting, I promise :) As you can see above, we already decorated our tree. And yesterday we went to a Gingerbread house Festival. It wasn't very big but there were some pretty cool houses there like this one:


I'm really looking forward for the next 23 days with my dear boys (of all ages :) I really should post a picture of my husband here having fun decorating a cookie yesterday but I don't think he will forgive me that easily..:)


  1. Lena, your list of activities is just brilliant. We don't put our tree up until quite late as we felt that if you put it up too soon it's along time to wait for Christmas day. But this way there's something to look forward to everyday. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    By the way your tree looks great.

  2. Great idea! We have the same countdown house as yours, Pottery Barn maybe 4 or 5 years ago? I put an M&M in each door. One is pleanty! Ha

    1. I guess now I know where it came from! We actually got it from husband's ex-stepmother (yeah, it's complicated...). Somebody gave it to her, and she didn't want it. But we love it! Love your idea of M&M's. We just have a little reindeer that "hides" every day in a new place :)

  3. Love love your tree and hearing about all the Pumpumpum going on at your house. I hope we are going to put a tree up this Year, but we will see. The 2 feet of snow we had is all gone now replaced with rain for the next week or so.

    1. I hope we will get a little of snow for Christmas. Just for a few days. And then we can skip straight to spring :)

  4. Sounds like a fun countdown to Christmas. I'll be impressed if you are able to do all of those things.

    1. I'll be impressed too :) But we'll see...

  5. Looks like you have lots of great plans for your family - without being overwhelming.

  6. Love your Christmas countdown, Lena!! Looks like you're in for a fun month!! :)

  7. great list, I hope you get everything done on that list,


  8. Aww I love this so much. I'll try to remember this when I have kids. I think it's an amazing tradition :)


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