Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Reverse 100 Thing Challenge.

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I really skipped the deadline of the 15th of December to post an update on The Reverse 100 Thing Challenge. But it wasn't that I didn't reach the goal, I just forgot to post it about it :). So when I updated last, we were at 41 things de-cluttered. But since that we did quite a bit.

First, toys.

 One of the things we wanted to do for 25 days of Christmas was to find at least one toy to donate in our house. But the kids did a lot better than that! We went through their rooms and found 21 things to donate!!I'm so proud of my boys. It was toys and books too, so now they have some room to store new things they will get for Christmas :)

Second, we cleaned closets.

The last big project we finished this year was re-doing our master closet. I'll post more about it in the next few days but we found quite a few things that could be donated. And you cannot even imagine how many flimsy metal hangers we had in the house!!! I was SHOCKED! When we got married, my MIL gave us a ton of things she didn't need any more including these hangers. I just didn't realize we had that many. Especially that we had other, sturdier  hangers too, more than we have clothes ! So we decided to donate the metal hangers to DI (local thrift store) - all 57 of them:


We also donated bags of clothes, shoes, purses and other miscellaneous items:



The bigger bag in the last picture is actually going to the Road Home ( a homeless shelter) on Saturday. It's full of warm sweaters that are in pretty good condition but are either too big or too small for us.

Phew... Feel so accomplished :) We donated (or will donate) 108 items in the last few weeks (including all the hangers that the thrift stores are always in need of). I know we could sell some of it but, honestly, we just wanted to do something good for others. And get these things out of our house :) We still have a few bigger items that we will try to sell next year.

So for this challenge, we are at 149 items which brings a total for my bigger de-cluttering goal for a year to 412 items (to remind you, my goal was 366). Our house feels a lot cleaner now!! Now I just need to try to keep it this way :)

Did you participate in a de-cluttering challenge? Or are you planning any for next year?


  1. Congratulations on doing well with your goals. Our closets are usually in reasonable shape, but our paperwork files are always behind. That is definitely something that needs to be addressed in the new year.

    1. Oh, papers are on my to-do list for January :) I'm drowning in papers right now! Our closets weren't necessarily bad, we just had plenty of clothes that we just don't wear anymore. And lots of hangers :)It was just time to downsize.

    2. Now that's too many "justs" in one reply :)

  2. Well done. I'm planning to do a lot of de-cluttering in 2013. I plan 1 item a day. It doesn't sound a lot but when you ad it up it's 365.

  3. Well done!! :) I need to do this again soon.... I have a tonne of toys to donate & want to go through the clothes, etc... as well!

  4. We used to have a get ready for Christmas clean out in previous years - to make room for the new stuff to come is what I would tell the kids, but they never really get that much to make it necessary. But having just moved, we've cleaned out a lot already and we have more storage space now, so it's not as necessary. I think it's a great thing to do every year and think how much fun your boys had thinking of who is going to get to play with their old toys.

  5. Great job!! And how wonderful that you involved your sons too!


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