Friday, March 1, 2013

February update on my yearly goals.

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You know what guys? As I was thinking about this post, I realized that I've never written the January update (How could I???) !!! I guess, today it will be a quick sum up of both months :) I did pretty good on some goals, not so good on the others. Oh, it is:

1. Live healthier.

 Ironically, the last two months were not exactly my healthiest :(  I had an issue with my back in January, then my trip to the ER in February.  Because of that I didn't exercise much, it was sporadic to say the least. I still tried to eat healthier. We added more fruit and vegetables to our diet. And I've been taking my vitamins every day. I also went to the dentist and GYN who actually told me to add extra calcium and vitamin D into my diet. After I started doing it, I felt so much more energetic. And now that the days are getting a little longer and warmer, I'm excited to go for an evening walk/jog.

2. Keep track of food waste and continue with meal planning. 

 I did pretty good with that. I kept track of food waste and created meal planning every week. I didn't follow it exactly but, probably, about 90-95%. I think it's pretty good!

3. Create mini-goals every month. 

 I did pretty good in January but I didn't make any specific goals for February. I decided to take it easy. I needed it! I'm still working on my March goals and will post it later but I don't think it will come as a surprise that it involves a lot of cleaning :)

4. Read 50 books this year.

  OK, I really don't know what I was thinking when I created this goal! Considering I usually allow myself 15-20 minutes of a "bathroom break" every day, this goal was more than ambitious. So far I've read 4.5 books and I doubt I will get more time to read as summer will approach. More than likely I'll be digging in a garden until dawn instead :)...

5. Have a Pinterest Challenge once a month and post about it.

OK, this I kind of failed. I didn't fail to do the projects (mostly, recipes) but I never posted about it. I cooked quite a few things off of Pinterest. Just yesterday we had these pork chops for dinner (link to the original recipe). It was SO good! I used homemade preserves, added water instead of wine, added minced garlic and replaced ginger with allspice (per advice of some reviewers). Mmmm...But I forgot to take a picture to show you how scrumptious they looked :(....I'll try to do better in March.

6. Nourish my creativity (on a budget).

  Our biggest project in the last two months was definitely our bathroom re-do. It took most of my energy and creativity :) I finished a couple smaller projects that I will post about next week but nothing big really. Most of the creative projects are happening in my head right now. I have a ton of ideas that I'm "working on" (to my husband's dismay ..:)

7. Finish two bigger projects in our house. 

 See above :) We are done with our bathroom, and I'm slowly working on the details of what I want in our laundry area to make it not just pretty but functional.

8. Keep working on organizing our lives.

 Didn't do much on decluttering and organizing so far this year but it's coming as spring cleaning approaches:)

9. Write at least 3 letters a month. 

 I actually did! I'm pretty proud of myself!!I wrote to quite a few friends and even reconnected with a long lost friend. I'm pretty happy with how this goal goes so far :)

10. Make time for myself, for us and for others.

  I'm working on it :) As I mentioned before, I try to spend a little time reading books every day. I also try to spend more time playing with my kids (and the cardboard house in the middle of our living room is proof of it :) and we had a date both in January and February :)

11. Work on savings goals. 

 There isn't much change since my update in January. We depleted our car fund and we have even more car expenses coming in March :( But I hope to replenish it very soon! I haven't received any extra income for February yet but it will be around $200. When I get it, we'll decide what to do with it.

12. Have a smaller family vacation and a little getaway with Hubby. 

 Working on it! We have $502 sitting in our vacation fund at the moment. Also our friends that live in Vegas insist on us staying with them instead of a hotel, so we might take them up on this offer(which will save us a little bit of money). We are still thinking about it.

13. Last but not least, I'm thinking about joining Facebook and/or Twitter. 

 Haven't done anything about that. So far I've been reading other blogger's Facebook pages and planning on what I want to do. Hopefully, I'll have my Facebook page up and running by the end of this month.

And that's where I am with my goals. How did you do on your monthly/yearly goals??


  1. I do a pretty good job of organizing, prioritizing, and setting goals in my head. From time to time, I write them down and I think it's one of those times again after reading yours. One of my main goals recently is cleaning clutter in my basement. It's coming along, but slowly because we have a lot of old paper work to sort.

  2. You have done AMAZING on all your goals, Lena. xx

  3. So far, I'm on track with all of them. February was a motivating month! I hope March proves to be even better, though.

    Thanks for the update - I enjoyed reading.


  4. Hi Lena,

    You are doing great at your goals. I have found that by listening to books on CD during my drive to and from work (about an hour each way) I can relax AND catch up on my book "reading" :)

  5. You're doing so well, especially considering your medical stuff going on!! :) Chin up young one, you're awesome!

  6. Goals? I'd rather read about YOUR goals lol! I reached my savings goals and that's the most important one I have right now with retirement looming in another 1.5 years. As long as I meet that goal all is right with the world!

  7. I think you are doing great! After a week away from home, I am so happy to be back to home keeping and frugal things

  8. sounds like your years going right on schedule!

  9. Lena, good luck with all your goals. They look like a lot to do in a year. Cheers


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