Monday, March 4, 2013

Food waste and menu, week 3/4-3/10

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Mondays are sure pretty busy here at the Frugal Chez but especially the first Mondays of the month. I usually wash all of the bedding and pads etc...on this day, and I'm exhausted... How often do you wash your bedding?! I do it once a month( at least twice a month- if not every week- in summer) because if I do it more often I will go insane! Can't wait until the kids are old enough to do their own laundry...

And I'm also so done with the cardboard house in the middle of my living room!! Because the kids bring all their stuff so they can "live" in the house (toys, pillows, games), the living room looks like a giant and very messy play room. Tonight, after the kids are in bed, we will try to fit it in the office and if it's not going to work, it goes to the garage!

OK, done venting :) It was otherwise a pretty good day. First, I got a small paycheck from my side gig. We still need to talk about what we'll do with it. More than likely it will go towards some medical bills. Then I went through our fridge, and we didn't have any food waste this week :) I have a couple of things that need to be used up in the next couple of days but otherwise we are doing pretty good. I do need to go shopping very soon because we are completely out of flour, rice and chicken, and we are pretty low on fruit.

And on our menu this week:

 photo 97eb66a9-4b7c-420c-85d6-99f9bfee23ac_zps2c0cb128.jpg

Mon.- turkey stuffed peppers (see above. Next time I'll take some step by step pictures and post a recipe. It's one of my husband's favorites!)
Tues.- cheese pizza, salad
Wed.- chicken curry, naan
Thurs.- broccoli cheese soup (never made it last week)
Fr.- sandwiches (big tax day- finally getting our taxes done! Plus,have to be in two more places, so no major cooking for me!)
Sat.- something with salmon (haven't decided yet)
Sun- baked pork loin, mashed potatoes, corn/ and Russian crepes for dinner

What is on your menu this week? Any new recipes you tried recently and absolutely loved? Please, share a link in comments :)

I apologize that this post is a little choppy. I think I need to get to bed, I'm just too exhausted...

Good night, everyone!! :)


  1. This reminds me, I really need to wash the comforter on my bed. Obviously, I don't wash it often enough, so I'm not the one to ask about how often I wash my bedding.

    1. Well, then I guess I reminded you of yet another chore that we, busy women, need to do... Sorry about that :)

  2. Just wait till those boys are big enough to "camp out" in the back yard. They will drag everything but the kitchen sink out then will be too afraid to sleep in it! I do bedding once a week except the mattress pad that has to go to the laundry mat that only happens once a month.

    1. :) Yeah, mattress pads are a little harder to deal with :)

  3. Sounds like a yummy menu. And yes please post that recipe! :)

    1. I will, as soon as I take the step-by-step pictures :)

  4. Looking forward to the Stuffed Pepper recipe, as they look simply DELISH. I can not believe it took you this long to be SO DONE with the cardboard house in the middle of your livingroom ... *smile* I have bought frames for the Grandboys to make tents with using sheets, but they can be disassembled easily (I hope). Enjoy your day, Lena!xx

    1. Yeah, house is living in the office for now:) It doesn't really fit but we made it work :) Your grandkids will LOVE to play in "new" tents!


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