Monday, April 1, 2013

Food waste and menus, week 4/1- 4/7.

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Did you notice that I have a new Facebook box on the right side of my blog?? I've always wanted to have one,and I finally figured out how to do it. As you can see I'm still very new to Facebook. Please, come follow me if you are not already, and let's keep in touch!

I can't believe April is here!! How was your day? Any fun jokes or pranks you played on somebody/somebody played on you? We teased the Kid a little bit this morning but other than that my mind is completely blank, and I couldn't think of anything good to play on my husband. Oh well there is always another year...

The good thing about the end of the month is that our fridge is so bare that we don't waste food. So it's my third week in a row when I don't have anything to report! I'm so so excited!! When I started on this journey with encouragement from THE FRUGAL GIRL, I wasted too much food. Now, a little over a year later, we might go for a whole month with no waste. That would be nice:)

I did cave in and started our new monthly grocery budget on Saturday. But hey, we need to eat! So our fridge is nicely full again. I didn't buy everything we need though, so there will be another smaller trip to the store this week.

I'm thinking of joining Carla for an April Savings Challenge but I still need to think about the details for it. I will post more about it tomorrow when I write an update for our March goals.

But back to the usual Monday stuff :) Because I don't have any food waste pictures, I thought I would show you the first little thing growing in our garden:

 photo 4fd7a35e-1ef5-4741-a5f4-0060721b1c54_zps8ee7c7a0.jpg

Last year we never removed all of our kale plants. Well, this spring they started sprouting!! I'm so excited! We had four plants, and it was way too much kale for us ( remember this picture??). We pulled two and (for some unknown reason) left the other two. And now it looks like they will provide enough greens for all of our needs (and I don't have to buy or plant more). Can't wait for the leaves to grow bigger, so we can enjoy kale in smoothies, salads and soups. The gardening season is officially opened :)

This week on our menu:

Mon. - zucchini pasta
Tues.- leftovers from Easter dinner (we still have quite a bit of ham left)
Wed.- ham split pea soup
Thurs.- potatoes, chicken, Russian cabbage slaw
Fr.- eat out (probably, will be painting our living room this day)
Sat.- mahi mahi (got one sale for $3.99/lb!!!), brown rice, steamed green beans
Sun.- breakfast for dinner/possibly, dinner with the family

What's on your menu this week?


  1. everything still covered with snow here, so can't see the garden. I am posting about my March grocery totals tomorrow and they make for a sad sorry sight.

    That's neat the Kale growing back like that,


    1. yeah, you guys got hit with quite a few storms lately! I hope spring is on it's way for you too!

  2. Try roasting the Kale leaves with olive oil and salt and pepper in the oven until they are crisp. This will make Kale chips. Really good!

    1. Oh, I tried them last year and they ARE pretty good! I like kale, just in slightly smaller amounts than I had it last year :)

  3. Wow, no waste AND kale growing back... I think you're starting out April on a good note! I'd be so embarassed to share my food waste :/

    We did have some leftover pizza that I served the boys with for there's April Fool's breakfast ;) They looked at me like I had lost my mind, then thought it was fantastic! Then the boys and I drew a bunch of E's on a piece of paper in brown marker... when daddy got home they told him to look at the "brownies" in the microwave! HA! Daddy was a bit sad, but the boys loved their little prank on him ;)

    1. Oh, I love the brown Es trick:) I bet my boys would be excited too to get pizza for breakfast! My husband actually really likes to finish leftover cold pizza in the mornings (sometimes with ranch on top!)

  4. We need to really be better as our food waste has not been admirable at all! :( Your weekly meal plan looks great! My new one will be up on Thursday, so far we've had a great week though! I've stuck to my list and plan! Yay me! lol!!


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