Monday, November 11, 2013

Food waste and a menu, week 11/11-11/17.

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I want to take a minute to honor our veterans and share my sincere gratitude for your bravery and sacrifice... What amazing, strong and inspiring people you are!! Thank you!!


Today is also a very special day for our family - first day at a new job for my husband! Woot woot!!!! Can you see me doing a silly dance here?? Sorry, my camera was on again :)

Well, he enjoyed it quite a bit. Still has a lot to learn but he feels it will be a great place for him.

We went to "celebrate" at Coldstone (had a gift card). Here's my delicious banana-raspberry creation with roasted almonds:

 photo IMG_0321_zpsbdc1fcdf.jpg

Yum!! :)

And that's the only picture I'm sharing with you today because I have zero food waste this week! Go me! We did have a TON of leftovers (after a Church party and a family Birthday celebration that my boys went to without me on Saturday), enough for dinners and lunches for almost three days. I especially appreciate yummy leftovers on Mondays because I always have so much to do on the first day of the week - editing, translating, laundry, more laundry, cleaning and everything and anything in between... Makes me tired to even make the list. So thank goodness for leftovers! We also won a free chicken last week at the Smiths' (Kroger chain store) appreciation day. It will make a great addition to our menu this week. So far it looks like this but, as usual, subject to change:

Mon.- leftovers :)
Tues.- leftover rice, salmon in tomato sauce (bumped from last week), curried cauliflower
Wed. - mashed potatoes, meatballs, steamed broccoli
Thurs.- chicken salad
Fr.- Mcd's for boys (they got two free Happy meal coupons from a summer reading program). And I will be at a baby shower for my very good friend
Sat.- roasted chicken and whatever sides we have left throughout the week
Sun.- chicken noodle soup, dinner rolls, salad

And how was your Monday? Anything new, fun or exciting to share?


  1. So happy about hubby's job! Ice cream looks good I am dieting as I gained back all my weight when mom was here. Yes a stress eater I am.

  2. Congratulations on no food waste and the start of your husband's new job. Yea!

  3. Great job on not wasting any food and winning a chicken!
    My Mondays are always crazy for me too. Today hasn't been so hot either. DJ's car is in the shop so I drove him to school on a flat tire and my hubs is home with the flu. I'm hoping that by Friday things will improve.

  4. That looks sooooo delicious - I love roasted almonds...and icecream :) You did great in the free food department this week - I LOVE leftovers - everyone else not so much but then they don't do the work do they??

  5. Oh, that looks delicious! I haven't had ice cream in years and years. Congratulations to your husband again. My news I'm stuck with tendinitis. Not fun.

  6. that's a great reason to celebrate!! and a free chicken? I would especially be excited about that :)

  7. So glad your hubby is employed and enjoying it. Ice cream sounds like the best way to celebrate!


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