Saturday, November 9, 2013

I painted my walls black...

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It's been a little quiet on the blog here in the past week because I was painting, people!! Be prepared, this post is a picture dump :)

I haven't done any home related projects in so long. And it's not necessarily because we couldn't afford it this summer. For many projects I bought supplies back in spring and never finished them, either due to lack of inspiration or just because I was too tired and busy with other things.

This was one of the projects I planned to do forever ago, got everything I needed and promptly put all the supplies away for 5 months. But with only one week of unemployment left (now that sounds weird) and winter quickly approaching, I knew it was time to finish this one area of our house:

 photo IMG_0297_zps76d7f5ee.jpg

(I 'm so not good at taking the "before" pictures... As you can see, I forgot again...:)

We have a tiny landing in front of our front door - now that's a tongue twisting sentence :) It really is tiny. You cannot have more than two people standing there comfortably at the same time. Yet this area is the first one people see as they enter our house.

It was a sad spot... The area had dirtiesh-white walls and tons of forgotten shoes on the floor.  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (and if you are new here, then Hello, hello. I hope you will stay for a while :) know that I'm not fond of white walls. Somehow they remind me of hospitals. It really is funny because in most of the hospitals I've been to, I didn't see that many white surfaces. I digress...

I wanted to add a little color to it. Nothing crazy, just a beautiful soft grey. I chose two tones for different walls - Gravity and Polar Star (both by Valspar. We used the second color for our living room). it's really hard to see from the photo above because this landing area is so small and dark but, maybe, this corner picture will show both colors a little better:

 photo IMG_0305_zpsad4e07bf.jpg

Nah... It almost looks blue but I promise it's not. It's such a beautiful warm grey. Might just be my new favorite color...

We also added stripes and a chair rail to that boring wall above. So much better now:

 photo IMG_0310_zpsf0c45539.jpg

And another one:

 photo IMG_0303_zps1b0af6bc.jpg

I wish this area would have a little more light - it's so hard to take pictures there.The wall with the stripes will be a place for a photo gallery that I'm still working on (another project that I want to finish before Christmas). And this bench might be the very first thing I made when we moved to this house, almost five years ago. And I still love it :)

We also bought this shoe organizer from IKEA. Great price but it seemed too plain, so I added a couple of knobs (already had). Now it contains all the shoes that we wear regularly. No more mess in front of the door :) And the coat hanger was already there (got it last year, also from IKEA):

 photo IMG_0301_zps4a58167c.jpg

Now you might be thinking, "OK, that's all good but none of these walls look black??" And you are right :) Still, I did add some black. Well, not just black but chalkboard black. And I love it!! Love it love it love it!!

 photo IMG_0306_zpsee154785.jpg

 photo IMG_0316_zps0fdd4592.jpg

Here's my awesome black wall :)  It's a great spot for writing small messages and reminders for my boys. Now you can start calling me crazy :)

And here's the finished room spot:

 photo IMG_0320_zps5e7f8238.jpg

And as it says above, "Thanks for stopping by our modest habitat :)"

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  1. Love the chalkboard! So great for reminders!

    1. Yes! I already wrote a couple of things for my boys on it :) I've been dying to do it for years but it took some convincing :)...

  2. You do a very nice job of pulling everything together. Are those closet doors behind the bench?

    1. It's actually a furnace closet. There is not much else we can put in it but I did manage to squeeze a small shelf for those shoes that we wear only occasionally (like Church ones).

  3. Very cute! I love the chalkboard wall! You can do so many fun seasonal things with it!

    1. I know. That's why I was so excited about it :) I LOVE LOVE chalkboard paint.

      And thank you :)

  4. I am a chalkboard paint lover. I think it looks great, and it is so cool that now you can write on that wall

  5. Love you crazy everything you do to your wonderful family home. x

  6. You are amazing! I love all your home improvement projects! What an inspiration you are!

  7. That looks terrific! I don't think it's too much black either, just enough to really accent the front door area. It all looks beautiful.

  8. This looks great, I am terrible at painting!

  9. Looks awesome, but you know I'm going to have to stop by and see it in person.

  10. You HAVE been busy! I love that you can write on your wall - how fun is that? You are so creative and do well at making a house a home. XOXO

  11. Hahaha, I was wondering where the black walls were too, seeing only whites and a black railing. I think it looks great and gives the white door a stronger contrast. Looks great.

  12. I love it love it love it too!! Great job! I am loving grey in its many many shades too!!

  13. wow very beautiful color combination....nice work thanks for sharing.....more help about painting expert visit our professional painting services..

    Professional painting

  14. Wow, it looks the black!


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