Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The best four years...

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First, I want to apologize for not being able to respond to most of your comments or follow along on your blogs recently. Ever since we called the phone company about our Internet bill (that doubled because all of our promotions have expired) on Monday, our connection has been on and off all day long. I swear, they are running it at 50% because they agreed to lower our bill. So frustrating! I finally caught a good hour, so we'll see if I finish this post but if it's gonna keep going like this, we'll be calling them back again tomorrow...

If four years ago somebody told me that I could love as much as I do right now, I would never believe them. Very pregnant, itchy (you can read a little on why here) and miserable, I wondered how in the world am I going to love this newborn as much as I love my firstborn. But when the doctor put the beautiful bundle of joy into my arms, my heart immediately expanded a couple of inches in diameter... He was perfect. I mean, seriously perfect - no cone-shaped head, no usual baby wrinkles, bright-blue eyes wide open and staring straight into my soul... He was perfection (oh, I'm just sooo bias here...).

Fast forward exactly four years, and today it's my sweet boy's Birthday!!

 photo IMG_0230-1_zpsf02b516a.jpg

This picture could not be more ideal to describe this cute and mischievous stinker. Where did the years go??

We had a great day today. No big Birthday parties. Instead we went to the zoo:

 photo IMG_0878_zpsc0321c95.jpg

Measuring themselves with the "gorillas" :) It was free admission day (more than $50 value for our family of four!). The perfect gift! To top it off the weather was absolutely amazing. 65 February, people. But because it wasn't as hot as it is in summer when we usually go (like once a year...), the animals were way more awake and alert. Seriously, just look at this tiger:

 photo IMG_0875_zpsf44d94fb.jpg

The boys had a blast! We spent a couple of hours there, and they definitely ran themselves out :)

We finished with a cake made just for my boy by yours truly... OK, don't judge!:) I'm not a cake decorator but he's addicted to monkeys, so at least I gave it a try. It somewhat resembles a monkey...:

 photo IMG_0860_zps5c46aaff.jpg

At least he enjoyed it :) The last four years were the best years of my life because I got to spend them with the most amazing three boys ever...

 Happy Birthday, my little guy! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every single day:)

Hey, I actually managed to finish this post. Keeping fingers crossed, our Internet is back for good...


  1. Going to the zoo was so much better than a party. He will remember the zoo. The party would never be remembered. And, FREE? Pretty good. That cake is so cute and does look like a monkey. He is a cutie.

  2. I happen to love your monkey cake and think it looks great. Happy Birthday to your son

  3. Going to the zoo is the best, isn't it? Hope your internet is here to stay.

  4. aww Happy Birthday to your boy! Sounds like a fun day! Love the monkey cake too.

  5. Happy birthday to your little guy and to you for giving birth to him,
    I would take any cake baked at home with love over the fanciest bakery made cake.
    I think your cake and your boy are both wonderful!

  6. I love your monkey cake! You did a great job- it is adorable (and it looks oh so yummy!) I remember thinking the same thing when I was expecting baby #2 and I remember feeling exactly the same way when I first laid eyes on her- my little red-headed munchkin is just as precious to me as my lil man! Your boys are so cute, Lena. You and your husband have a lot to be proud of. Happy Birthday to your lil guy!!!
    (ps- I love reading your blog and so many others that I am trying my hand at doing one myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)

  7. Oh, HAPPY BDAY to him! My brother's child is 3 and he'll be 4 in August... I remember waiting so I could take some days off work! (He was 2 weeks late) Indeed, where did time go? That's an amazing monkey! At first I thought it had coconut on the icing... if that had been the case, I am afraid you would've had me at your door.

  8. Happy bday to him! And that cake is AWESOME! I could never do that. You did a great job!

  9. Happy birthday to your son! And you did a great job on his monkey cake. Shape cakes are hard to do and I think yours turned out great! :)

  10. He is so so adorable!! You guys take the best pictures, seriously. Happy birthday to him! We just has one turn 4 over here and it is such a fun age!

  11. Personally I think the cake is wonderful and just think of the love pumped into it! I bet your little boy thought it was great too! Any left???

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  12. Love the cake - it's super cute! And what a fun way to celebrate his birthday.

  13. What a perfect day for a 4 year old B/D ! and yes look at that Tiger will you. Happy you all had a great day together as a family.

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy! And, by the way, your cake looks amazing! :)!

  15. I loved the cake! As my son says, home-made is better, because then you can put "love" in it.
    Hugs to the birthday boy!

  16. Happy Birthday to your little guy. Your cake looks great.

  17. That's a great monkey cake Lena!! What a wonderful fun-filled day, not to mention "frugal" too :) I SO ENVY you your warm weather!!

  18. I think your cake is cute. And happy birthday to your son!!


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