Monday, March 31, 2014

Food waste and a menu, week 3/31-4/6.

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A couple of years ago when I first started tracking our food waste (inspired by The Frugal Girl), almost every week I would throw away something. I did not get discouraged and since have had months with no food waste.

Well, this week is not one of the good ones. First, I threw away this yummy bread (not so yummy looking any more...):

 photo IMG_0994_zps646a9276.jpg

You can say that bread doesn't have a ton of preservatives in it when it goes bad within just a few days...

I also tossed about half a cup of cooked chicken:

 photo IMG_1026_zpsccc379c7.jpg

The container is not dirty, I promise. it's just old and scratched :)

I was planning to add it to my salad for lunch today but, unfortunately, it already got a funky smell. I did save some carrots that were going bad. I also tried to make a farmer's cheese pie (quite popular back home) using leftover ricotta cheese in it. It did not turn out completely disgusting but it's definitely not a recipe I will share with you any time soon :)

I have a few things in the produce bin that need to be used up very soon, so I will try to incorporate them in our menu this week.

And so far that's what's planned in our kitchen:

Mon. - ham, potatoes, a bunch of cut up veggies with dipping sauce
Tues.- Russian beet soup, rolls
Wed.- zucchini pasta
Th. - ham casserole, steamed broccoli
Fr.- cabbage stuffed rolls
Sat. - leftover rice from Friday, Asian-inspired salmon, stir-fry
Sun. - leftovers

And what are you cooking this week?


  1. We have a roasted chicken that we are eating various ways. Last night it was with roasted brussel sprouts and tonight it's going to be in a shepard's pie. There also have been, a couple of sandwiches thrown in.

  2. I feel for your cooked chicken... I HATE it when salad meats go to waste. I had to dump pretty much half a small spiral ham because I wasnt using it fast enough. Now I am more onto cooking big portions of meat, shredding it, and freezing it in small portions. That way I can take it out the day before I need it and add it to the salad at night after a quick sauté with additional spices to wake it up.

  3. Not much waste at all! Your menu looks delicious, especially the cabbage stuffed rolls. My mom used to make them, but I have never tried it.


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