Thursday, March 6, 2014

It has begun!

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The only real goal I had for March was to work on the "dreadful room". It's been more than a month since I showed you that room and I'm yet to start really working on it. We did get almost everything out and sold, our 8-year old futon and a desk, for $70 for both. Considering how old they were, I'm pleased with what we got for them. I still need to list two dressers after I clear and clean them completely.

But this Saturday we are buying the couch I talked about in the original post. Unfortunately, IKEA doesn't run very many promotions on their merchandise. We've been looking at other options for the past few months but that couch is still our favorite, mostly because it's bigger than all the other ones  we've looked at.

We decided to buy a couch this Saturday because it's IKEA Appreciation Day, and we can eat there for free if we spend more than $150 on furniture. I've been craving their meatballs and almond cake for a while, so it's a win win in my book :)

But before the couch arrives, I want to paint the room. I thought it would be the easiest step, but boy was I wrong! First, I think, I told you before that the previous owners, or actually the owner and her new husband slash realtor (yeah, it was a messy story...) had painted everything (and I mean, EVERYTHING!) a dirty, nasty off-white color. Walls, cabinets, ceiling, stars on the ceiling, tape that was never removed, dirty fingers, nails, you name it. I spent a nice chunk of today scraping, caulking, patching, washing and wiping. Add silicone caulk on every angle of the room, and now you can imagine how "excited" I was this afternoon...

The room is small, and because it's a half-basement, and the ceilings are only 8 feet high, it's pretty dark. So dark that all the colors we were thinking about before for it, seemed too drab. I bought a few samples and tried some leftovers (and mixes of them) from what we already had:

 photo IMG_0883_zpsa70a18c8.jpg

And the attempts on the wall (not all of them are visible but I tried to take a picture that wouldn't be too dark):

 photo IMG_0882_zps98add5cb.jpg

I finally found the color I like (I hope!) - White Lagoon by Glidden (Home Depot):

It's not nearly as dark. And I ordered it at 50% strength to make it even lighter.

Guess what this girl is doing tomorrow???? I'm kind of excited about it. It has begun! :)


  1. Have fun! I look forward to seeing your progress photos

  2. I am excited for you! So proud of your motivation- you go, girl! I like the color you picked. Cant wait to see the room when it is done. :)

  3. Prepping is the hardest part of painting--lots of work and not many visible results. Have fun with the painting this weekend.

  4. I like that blue, definitely something lighter to combat the darkness of the place. Have a fun weekend remodeling! Hope you keep us posted on the progress!

  5. Hope your painting goes well! ;-)

  6. Oooo I like that color! Can't wait to see the results!


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