Monday, April 7, 2014

Food waste and a menu, week 4/7-4/13.

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Food waste? What food waste? :) Seriously, with the crazy week we had I'm surprised we didn't have a ton of waste. But other than some parsley and a few grapes we didn't have any! I am surprised! I thought it would be much worse. I did save half a can of tomato sauce. Have you ever opened a can to use a few spoons just to end up throwing away the rest of the can a week after because it got lost in the back of the fridge? Well, my simple solution is to freeze it! I use an ice cube tray for leftover sauce:

 photo IMG_1025_zps5c3baf9f.jpg

Each cube compartment holds exactly two tablespoons. After frozen, I just keep them in a ziploc bag and add them to soups or sauces. No more moldy sauce here :)

And lately I've been cooking the same things over and over, so it was time for something new. A couple of you recently shared a few delicious ideas, so I decided to incorporate them into our menu this week as well:

Mon.- pizza night!
Tues. - vegetable soup
Wed. - grilled chicken and zucchini
Thurs. - Oven Chicken risotto (Thanks, Sharon)
Fr.- Easy noodle Stir Fry (Thanks, Rhonda)
Sat.- going out (kid got a free hamburger from a library reading program so he's getting a treat :)
Sun.-TBD (seriously, have no idea. Hopefully, have some leftovers by the end of the week :)

And what are you eating this week??


  1. Great idea, Lena! :) I usually leave mine in the fridge as the older kids will cook up something or other with it... so rarely does it get wasted here. lol! Tonight I think I may do ribs for dinner! Yum!

  2. That is a great way to save leftover sauce- I will have to remember that. I just love weeks when there is no food waste! :)
    Your menu sounds yummy! And congrats to your lil man on earning his free burger for reading! :)

  3. Oooh, I love that idea! I regretfully have thrown away plenty of tomato sauce because it goes unused... I try buying just the tiny cans, but they are expensive. I'll definitely try freezing it next time!

  4. Good job on the lack of waste!! And love the tip of freezing tomato sauce. I always end up using a whole can, but I'll keep it in mind!

    Happy Tuesday!


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