Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An "emergency" tooth fairy pillow.

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Our oldest is 7.5 years old. He's fun, witty and so handsome. He's also very impatient. And one thing that was making him grow especially restless was something that is common to most of his classmates - and that is losing his first tooth! I swear, he's literally the last kid in his class!

He actually started getting "the big boy" tooth behind his baby one.. We took him to the dentist a couple of weeks ago about it. We thought he would pull it but he said that the baby tooth was already wiggly, so it wasn't worth it (I guess, it did save us some money...). Well, two weeks later it was finally out...

I mentioned here before that I'm a major procrastinator! I have something in mind but I keep thinking and thinking about it and putting the ideas aside for a while... I really wanted to make him a cute little "tooth fairy pillow". I even bought supplies. Like two months ago...

So when I saw him running out of his room on Mother's Day - well, actually, night - I knew I had to make one asap. Luckily, it was pretty easy and only took me about half an hour or so (if I knew it would be that quick, I'd probably have made it sooner...Duh...). No tutorials here but as you can see it's pretty self-explanatory:

 photo IMG_1109_zpsb6833eb6.jpg

And it turned out cuter than I thought it would :) My little guy had a moment of disappointment when he realized in the morning that it wasn't the "tooth fairy" who made it (HA!) but then he gave me this long look of approval... And a hug...

And those moments are the best and worth staying up a little longer once in a while...


  1. The pillow is great and has such a cute face. Brilliant idea.

  2. I love it Lena! Too cute, even if the tooth fairy didn't make it;-)


  3. Lena that Tooth Fairy Pillow is WAY TO CUTE ! xx

  4. I didn't lose my first tooth until the summer before second grade. Losing your first tooth is a big status symbol at that age, so I know how your son felt. Congratulations to him on losing his first tooth. And congratulations to you for getting the cute pillow done.

  5. What a happy pillow!! As much as I sew I too seem to get behind more often than not too.


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